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A terrible thing has happened

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TheLittleMonster · 29/05/2012 01:37

Today, whilst on Google chat to OH (long-distance relationship), he said 'should of'. When I tactfully questioned this, he said that it was not an error, but a choice made to save time! He refused to back down. What to do? Can our relationship survive this?

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1950sHousewife · 29/05/2012 01:47

I'm sorry. You asked.
It's the slippery slope from here.
Next thing you know he'll be putting 'orange's' on the shopping list and maybe even saying 'I were'.

I wish I could be more optimistic about this, but I feel like I'm saving you from future pain.

TheLittleMonster · 29/05/2012 02:04

I suspected as much. Do you think counselling would help? Lessons?

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1950sHousewife · 29/05/2012 02:06

You could try. You could try.

But think of your future children. What if one day he refers to them as you're future children? Could you live with yourself.
Well could you?

FetchezLaVache · 29/05/2012 02:08

Well, at least he knows it was wrong...

You could tactfully point out that "should've" would have been the same number of keystrokes and less likely to make you stabby.

lilbreeze · 29/05/2012 02:11

Relationships are about compromise. Rather than insist on "should have", could you meet in the middle with "should've"?

Grammatically correct but also time-saving.

lilbreeze · 29/05/2012 02:11


TheLittleMonster · 29/05/2012 16:08

You're right. Compromise is the way forward here. Maybe I should give him another chance. Just the one, mind.

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