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"You're chance for Olympic Games tickets - Buy now‏"

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RatDesPaquerettes · 17/05/2012 12:26

That's the subject of the email I received from London 2012 Marketing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh... Couldn't somebody have checked it before it got sent out so widely?

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RatDesPaquerettes · 17/05/2012 12:29

Sorry... not sure how this has happened but the '&#8207' bit at the end was not part of the issue. Must have been added when I copied the text. I don't want to confuse you all! Grin

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shumway · 17/05/2012 12:35

I got that email too and was horrified!

RatDesPaquerettes · 17/05/2012 14:25

I would hope that somebody is going to be given some grief about it... (I was about to say 'a bollocking' but I am not sure if this is acceptable or not in the Pedants' Corner section Smile)

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lifesalongsong · 18/05/2012 10:10

I was just going to start the very same thread - how on Earth could that have got through checking.

Obviously standards slip when Lord Seb is out of the country Grin

RatDesPaquerettes · 18/05/2012 12:08

I suspect it was not checked... I even hope it went unchecked, otherwise I despair!

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lifesalongsong · 18/05/2012 20:52

I see that took their life in their hands again today but passed the "it's" test with flying colours Grin

RatDesPaquerettes · 18/05/2012 23:31

ooooh... I did not get any new message today. I must have been snubbed...

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