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Would I be unreasonable to leave my DH

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bronze · 18/04/2012 18:25

on the grounds that he keeps on calling the vacuum cleaner (Dyson) a Hoover?
He's even brainwashing the children!

OP posts:
MyLittleMiracle · 18/04/2012 18:30

Yabu to leave him, but in this situation a good hard also imo is perfectly acceptable. Lol.

bronze · 18/04/2012 18:43

A what?

OP posts:
MyLittleMiracle · 18/04/2012 22:07

Slap. Or punch, whichever you prefer or make him do the house work. If he insists on calling a Hoover then maybe he should use it.

MirandaGoshawk · 19/04/2012 10:46

But it sounds daft to say 'I'm just going to Dyson the living room,' or whatever. Hoover is now a general name for vacuum cleaners, I think. With a small h. 'I'm going to vacuum...' also sounds a bit pedantic and we don't want to be that, do we? Grin

Your DH sounds lovely.

bronze · 19/04/2012 11:36

I say 'I'm going to vacuum' as do plenty of other people I know (including his Mum) and it sounds fine.

You reckon he actually does the vaccuming? Grin

OP posts:
CatWithKittens · 19/04/2012 17:07

At least he knows what it does - when I go off to see my parents with the children the dog knows I am about to come back because his master, my DH, gets the vacuum cleaner out. DH swears that he (the dog) bounds around wagging his tail and goes to wait in the hall for us!

nickelhasababy · 19/04/2012 17:08

hoover is the accepted "generic" term for vacuum.
james dyson can never match up to that, no matter how great he thinks his hoovers are Grin

ManMinder · 21/04/2012 11:58

I Miele.

bronze · 21/04/2012 12:04


I'm not saying he has to call it dyson ing

vacuuming will do fine

I beg to differ that 'hoover is the accepted "generic" term for vacuum'.

OP posts:
nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 12:20

it is now though.

like Sellotape

HangingGarden · 21/04/2012 15:40

...and Thermos

and maybe even Branston?

nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 16:11


i'll think of others Grin

nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 16:13
nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 16:13

google is also one Grin

IDontWannaBeAStupidGirl · 21/04/2012 16:14


nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 16:16

perspex (Poly(methyl methacrylate))
is a trademark.

nickelhasababy · 21/04/2012 16:19


bronze · 21/04/2012 20:59

I don't use half of those either but I get your point. Grin
Maybe it's because I put the word Hoover in the same category as settee or couch Wink

OP posts:
MyLittleMiracle · 21/04/2012 22:43

I would make him keep doing the vacuuming until he changes his mind and calls it that, (well it gives you a break)

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