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Will 'loose' eventually come to mean "lose"?

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theQuibbler · 28/03/2012 12:57

I wonder if the spelling will change, in the future, so that it comes to represent both meanings? This particular mistake seems to be everywhere and I suppose that's part of the way that language changes and adapts. However, I doubt it will happen in my lifetime, so I've still got years to be annoyed by it!

OP posts:
MagsAloof · 28/03/2012 12:58

No. They are two different words, pronounced differently. NO. Just NO.

TheEpilator · 28/03/2012 13:12

I think English will evolve quite significantly over the next few years and that frequent spelling mistakes and abbreviations will become 'common usage' and therefore acceptable. Its more likely that it will become 'loose' and 'looze' I'd have thought. Does make more sense and the phonetic teaching of language at school would be easier!

It does make me a bit Sad to see how many people can't write properly on forums (not this one obviously ;-) ) but then I remember Stephen Fry being asked if modern technology was eroding the English language. He said of predictive texting that some young 'uns were too lazy to change the predictive word 'book' to the intended word 'cool' and that any language which uses 'book' to mean 'cool' can't be bad, so that makes me feel a bit better about it!

Popsandpip · 04/04/2012 15:07

I bloody hope not. Grrr.

tricot39 · 04/04/2012 23:01

In the same way that Hoover and hover will never be the same thing!

NetworkGuy · 07/04/2012 14:52


No, no way. Sorry, but if those who keep getting it wrong are allowed to permanently corrupt English and it becomes "acceptable" then I hope it's when I've already died and gone to Hell.

BonnieBumble · 07/04/2012 14:53

Why does everyone use "loose" instead of "lose"?

It is very strange.

Popsandpip · 09/04/2012 21:30

It's because they don't know how to spell correctly.

clam · 10/04/2012 10:08

There are LOADS of people on MN who do this with lose/loose. Do you think we'd get away with some sort of pedant's emoticon to highlight such crimes? Grin
And for practise/practice while we're at it.

clam · 10/04/2012 10:09

Oh crap, should that be pedants'?

TheEpilator · 11/04/2012 20:46

The pedants' emoticon would be very over-used I'm afraid, mainly by NetworkGuy it seems.

It is annoying when people write about 'loosing weight' and even when someone correctly responds with 'how did you lose the weight' they will reply using 'loose' again (either not noticing, or presuming the other person is wrong!)

I try to look past it and accept that we all make mistakes except me obviously Grin

themarriageplot · 11/04/2012 20:48

I know what you mean: I sometimes think the language is broken irreparably. There seems little point fighting it. It'll just change. Think about the Academie Francaise fighting anglicisms/americanisms for all those years. Hopeless.

themarriageplot · 11/04/2012 20:49

Broken Evolved.

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