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To be annoyed that nobody seems to be able to spell eczema correctly?

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Appuskidu · 16/11/2011 08:57

Even the posters on the wall of the eczema clinic at our local hospital have spelt it 'excema'.

Or should this be in the pedants' section ;)

OP posts:
eaglewings · 16/11/2011 09:00

Pedant's section please!

As someone who struggles to spell the name of my illness, I've now got to the stage where I prefer to see the gifts people have not their areas of difficulty.

Is it not more important and beneficial to you that they can help us with a skin complaint than spell it?


Wordsonapage · 16/11/2011 09:01

Perhaps they're all Absorbaloffs.

Trills · 16/11/2011 09:06

Yes, yes it should.

maras2 · 16/11/2011 09:47

I used to feel the same about diphtheria,back in the day.

KatMumsnet · 16/11/2011 11:08

You're right OP, we're going to move this to the Pedants' Corner!

eaglewings · 16/11/2011 12:16

Thank you Kat

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