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Tomato is a fruit

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boogiewoogie · 09/11/2011 23:50


Also, how to convince the pigheaded so and so....

OP posts:
EdithWeston · 09/11/2011 23:52

It's a lovely example of the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is that a tomato is indeed a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put one in a fruit salad.

HerdOfTinyElephants · 09/11/2011 23:52

It is a fruit, but also a vegetable (because there's no nice pedantic definition of vegetable).

piprabbit · 10/11/2011 00:00

I heard someone talking about how 'wrong' is a black and white concept, you are either 100% right or 100% wrong.
The person arguing that there are gradations of 'wrongness' used the tomato as an example. Saying a tomato is a type vegetable is a little wrong, saying a tomato is a type of suspension bridge is very wrong.

I can't remember exactly where I heard this - Big Bang Theory perhaps.

GrimmaTheNome · 10/11/2011 00:08

It is a fruit, but also a vegetable (because there's no nice pedantic definition of vegetable).

Indeed. People class mushrooms as 'vegetables' when they aren't even plants.

Here's some wiki:
Fruit (scientific): the ovary of a seed-bearing plant,
Fruit (culinary): any edible part of a plant with a sweet flavor,
Vegetable: any edible part of a plant with a savory flavor.
Vegetable (legal): commodities that are taxed as vegetables in a particular jurisdiction

So, tomatoes are scientific fruits. So are cucumbers (just we mostly eat seedless varieties), pumpkins, courgettes, aubergines(I think) - any more obvious ones?

GrimmaTheNome · 10/11/2011 00:09

Oh yes, peppers and chilis! Stick that in yer fruit salad Grin

FreddieMercurysBolero · 10/11/2011 00:14

Should it not say 'Tomato are a fruit?'

GrimmaTheNome · 10/11/2011 00:17


FreddieMercurysBolero · 10/11/2011 00:20

Or 'Is tomatoes a fruit?'

Particularly in Pendant's corner. How embarrassing.

Red2011 · 11/11/2011 18:46

Can I add that Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries are not technically berries either?

HerdOfTinyElephants · 11/11/2011 18:50

And peanuts aren't nuts.

HerdOfTinyElephants · 11/11/2011 18:58

While a goldfish is technically a carrot.

TeamEdward · 11/11/2011 19:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alarkaspree · 11/11/2011 19:06

Vegetables can be fruit (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, beans in pods), seeds (e.g. peas), roots (e.g. carrots), stems (e.g. celery) or leaves (e.g. spinach).

Or aquatic creatures (e.g. goldfish)

GrimmaTheNome · 11/11/2011 19:07

Or Cabinet ministers, allegedly

AnnoyingOrange · 11/11/2011 19:09

and apples aren't fruit - the apple core is the fruit and the bit you eat is the swollen base of the flower

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