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Writing an email

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ComradeJing · 18/08/2011 00:41

How do you start an email if you don't know the name of the person you're writing to?

Thank you!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 18/08/2011 00:41

Well, I say Hello there but I know some people find that far too informal. Can you find out the name? It depends on who they are I think.

WideWebWitch · 18/08/2011 00:42

If you wanted to be very formal you could go with Dear Madam / Sir and end with Yours faithfully, as you would in a letter.

Pan · 18/08/2011 00:54

www - I was taught that 'faithfully' means you know the person. 'Sincerely' means you don't.

could start with 'Oi, dude!'

Pan · 18/08/2011 01:01

seems I was badly taught!

Oi dude still works.

WideWebWitch · 18/08/2011 01:02

Other way round I thought Pan, faithfully if you don't put their name, sincerely if you do address them by name.

carpwidow · 18/08/2011 01:03

Dear Sir/Madam = yours faithfully,

Dear Mrs.Carpwidow = your sincerely

WideWebWitch · 18/08/2011 01:10

yy I agree Carpwidow

WomblingUpsideDown · 18/08/2011 01:19

I always found it difficult to remember until I realised
no name = faithfully, I have faith it will get to the right person even if I don't use their name.

If that makes sense?

Pan · 18/08/2011 15:07

I like those Wombling.

necessary - One chin, two socks - or any rude variation there of. You can come up with your own.

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