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Sport's Day or Sports Day?

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maresedotes · 14/05/2011 09:45

I asked a medal supplier whether a "Sport's Day" medal could be changed to "Sports Day" and was told both are correct, ie it could be a day of sport (sport's day) or lots of sports (sports day). Surely not - am very happy to be corrected (well a little)!

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meditrina · 14/05/2011 09:56

I would go for Sports Day of those two options, but I write Sports' Day (as it's a Day of Sports, plural).

edam · 14/05/2011 09:57

Sports Day. The day doesn't belong to 'sport'. Unless there is a Mr Sport and you are celebrating his birthday...

nickelbabe · 14/05/2011 15:53

Sports Day.

Abr1de · 14/05/2011 15:59

Yup. Sports is descriptive or indicative, not possessive.

maresedotes · 15/05/2011 20:54

Thank you!

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