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This has made me feel far more irritated than is rational, I feel!

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FlamingoBingo · 16/03/2011 12:05

A FB friend of mine is attending (according to my news feed) a meeting soon for writers.

AIBU to be feeling very irritated that it says

"Writer's Meet"

rather than

"Writers' Meet"

Considering they are actually writers who are meeting and really ought to know how to write!?


I am soooooooooooooooooooo itching to comment! Grin

OP posts:
TheVisitor · 16/03/2011 12:07

Dare you! :D

Pterosaur · 16/03/2011 12:11

Just enquire whether a writer's meet isn't a contradiction in terms? They should get it and might be amused. I wouldn't dream of commenting unless I was reasonably sure it was just a slip though.

FlamingoBingo · 16/03/2011 12:28

I want to write

"Slightly worrying that a group of writers don't know how to use apostrophes properly!" and then a poky-out-tongue smiley.


"Only one writer at this meeting then!?"

Would it be irritating you too, though? Or is there something wrong with me!? Grin

OP posts:
WhiteRose26 · 17/03/2011 07:40

Nothing wrong with you, this is very irritating.

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