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I'm embarassed to say a trip to MacDonald's has caused me pedantic grief.

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ChaosTrulyReigns · 16/02/2011 20:55


The trip was rare and under duress.

[double] Grin [with] [fries]

So, after ordering the meals, the charming young man behind the counter manages to grunt at me

"What drink?"

Hmm, I think, shouldn't that be "Which drink (would you like)?".

Now, I know I'm right, I always am, but I can't articulate why my way is correct.

Please help me understand.


OP posts:
PigeonPie · 16/02/2011 21:26

Or maybe 'What would you like to drink?'

I agree that 'what drink?' sounds just rude! I can't articulate it either - tired and sore at the moment.

mollymawk · 16/02/2011 21:36

Ahem. I think you'll find it's McDonald's...

jade80 · 16/02/2011 21:37

Given that their current catchphrase is 'I'm lovin' it', I think you're totally being unreasonable to expect anything better!

SwearyMary · 16/02/2011 21:39

PMSL @ Macdonalds. Chaos is clearly showing her McD's virgin status Wink

Lio · 16/02/2011 21:39

There was a 'what/which' thread on here a while ago. Most thought 'what' was the way to go, but, like you, I've always been a 'which' person. Ah, the joys of an ever-evolving language.

mollymawk · 16/02/2011 21:43

Now this is interesting. I have actually looked this up. Apparently:

"Basically, the use of "which" implies a choice of a few (up to about four) options."


"What" introduces a more general question, where the options are numerous."

So unless there was a near-infinite choice of drinks you were right!

Lio · 16/02/2011 21:47

And there is an active thread using 'what' right now. Correctly, according to mollymawk's reserach.

ChaosTrulyReigns · 16/02/2011 22:28

Ahha, good explanation.

Blush at incorrect spelling on pedantic thread.

Ah feck it, not knowing how to spell McDonald's should be celebrated.


OP posts:
ChaosTrulyReigns · 16/02/2011 22:28

You cynic SwearyMary.


OP posts:
enjoyingthecalm · 19/02/2011 19:12

What about not knowing how to spell embarrassed? (See the title of the thread.)

Sorry, I'm just enjoying the novelty of finding the Pedants' Corner. It feels like it was made for me. Smile

coastgirl · 19/02/2011 19:14

This thread reminds me of this old Onion article Grin

LindyHemming · 01/03/2011 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChaosTrulyReigns · 01/03/2011 21:37


It's the first rule of Pedants' Corner enjoying.

OP posts:
nickelbabe · 03/03/2011 13:55

there's a leaflet at McDonald's telling you about the food they sell and what its nutritional value is.

It clearly states that the Veggie Burger is not suitable for vegetarians.
what, exactly, would be the point of selling it, then???

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