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Do your pedant hackles rise at "Me and My Girl"?

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UnquietDad · 29/01/2011 21:29

It's the musical on at our local theatre, which is why it comes to mind just now.

I'm prepared to cut them some slack. Maybe there is an elided preposition in there and it's "For/ to me and my girl"? Not knowing the show that well, I'm not sure.

I mean, there isn't a musical called "Me and the King", is there?

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UnquietDad · 29/01/2011 23:45


I sense I am alone.

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Blacksand · 29/01/2011 23:51

Gosh - i went to see this when i was very young and it had Jacko from 'brush Strokes' in it - but if IRCC - he is common 'as muck' trying to be posh - hence getting the parlance wrong.

I am certainly no expert on musicals as i generally find them to be shit but i didn't want you to go to sleep worrying...

Blacksand · 29/01/2011 23:53

Although there is a precedent for it in the old Kia Ora advert i am told...Grin.....something about a canine.....

UnquietDad · 29/01/2011 23:56

I have had it pointed out to me elsewhere that "Me and My Girl" makes no less sense out of context than "The King and I". Technically, yes. It still sounds wrong, though...

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ApplesinmyPocket · 29/01/2011 23:57

Laughing here as I thought this was going to be a feminist rant Grin

As in 'I feel feminist Rage coming on at the rampant sexism of this title! Surely it should be 'Me and the partner of either sex by whom I am not owned!!'

UnquietDad · 29/01/2011 23:59

The day I do a feminist rant on here I think you will well and truly know I have had my brain taken over...

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MardyBra · 30/01/2011 01:10
WhiteRose26 · 18/02/2011 07:49

There is a song which includes the line/s "the bells are ringing / for me and my girl"... Does this song come from this musical.

Of course, the song should say "the bells are ringing / for my girl and me"

So me is correct, but in the wrong place in the sentence.

nickelbabe · 03/03/2011 14:11


i'm with Me and Mg Girl.
and i think it should be Me and the King (ot the king and me, don't care which way round)

and i've had this argument with you before UQD Grin

nickelbabe · 03/03/2011 14:13

doesn't it go "me and my girl, my girl and me" anyway?

i don't mind so much about which way round - in theory, the other person is more important.

it only matters if it's: "my girl and I are going out"

HolyMolars · 05/03/2011 12:06

The musical Chicago has the same issue in the song that goes "Me and my baby, my baby and me" least they cover both arrangements!

NetworkGuy · 11/03/2011 23:57

Thanks for that bit of levity, HolyMolars.

As far as the original query goes, no, doesn't raise my hackles, but can see how it could for some.

Fortunately I take hardly any notice of titles, or content ( feel free to call me a philistine ) of pieces of 'artistic creativity' ( my own umbrella term for anything artsy ) as so many make little or no sense to me (especially poetry!)

edam · 12/03/2011 00:02

It's such a familiar title, never thought of questioning it. Only thing I've ever pondered is The Sun Has Got His Hat on - the version I saw years ago used 'he's been roasting peanuts...' which I thought was a neat revision.

Am now humming:

Every little Lambeth gal
With her little Lambeth pal
You'll find them all...
Doing the Lambeth walk

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