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If you are a SCHOOL, wanting to attract punters to your playscheme...

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WilfShelf · 17/01/2011 18:44 are not going to get any business from me with leaflets that read:

  1. 'storys you like to read'

2. 'Mr Fox' (I think you'll find you missed out 'The Fantastic...' and YES it does matter to me)
3. 'LION THE WICH AND THE WARDROBE'. Yup. No 'The', no 't' and no fucking punctuation.

That's all.

A school! [winces]
OP posts:
claricebeansmum · 17/01/2011 18:45

Good grief

I would take it into the HM with the corrections made.

WilfShelf · 17/01/2011 20:21

I really, really want to. But I fear a shunning. To be fair, the wrap around care is sort of contracted out. But still, that's no blardy excuse is it?

OP posts:
RantyMcRantpants · 17/01/2011 20:45

I would take it into them with everything marked with a red pen.
MardyBra · 17/01/2011 23:53

You need to waft past the school office and casually drop an anonymous letter (marked up with all the corrections) into the Head's in-tray, whilst getting the DC to distract the secretary with a prearranged diversion.

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