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TeenageWildlife · 12/12/2010 17:35

How do you pronounce this? Is there a definitive way?

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Abr1de · 12/12/2010 17:36


mylifewithmangers · 12/12/2010 17:37

See Wiki. It has a sound clip on the first line.

TeenageWildlife · 12/12/2010 17:43

Can't hear the sound clip...

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Spidermama · 12/12/2010 17:47


BoysAreLikeDogs · 12/12/2010 18:01


TeenageWildlife · 12/12/2010 18:07

Really Boys? I say Marr-le-bn but am never sure.

OP posts:
tethersjinglebellend · 12/12/2010 18:10

Same as Abr1de.

While we're on the subject, am I being pretentious to say Aldwych as "Alditch"? Had always thought it was correct, now beginning to feel like a wanker as everyone else seems to pronounce it as it's spelled.

Lilymaid · 12/12/2010 18:14

Aldwych is propnounced Awld-witch as far as I know - I work off the Strand and no one has ever pronounced Aldwych any other way.
Marylebone is pronouced as Abr1de suggests.

TeenageWildlife · 12/12/2010 18:23

Only ever heard Awld-witch!

OP posts:
tethersjinglebellend · 12/12/2010 18:44

Well, it's official.

I am a wanker.

I had always suspected as much.

Spidermama · 12/12/2010 19:09

What about Holborn?

I used to call it Hole-burn but have since heard 'Hoe-burn', 'hole-born', and even 'Holl-born'.

Abr1de · 12/12/2010 19:43


But that may be my lazy South London way.

TabithaTwitchet · 12/12/2010 19:48

I say marry-l'-b'n

and hoe-b'n

but usually get Hmm looks.

Spidermama · 12/12/2010 20:10

I always think Hoe-b'n sounds fake posh Hyacinth Bouquet style. I say Hol-burn and feel a bit common these days.

Abr1de · 12/12/2010 20:17

Holborn is in fact really spelled:


It was just shortened so that common people could pronounce it.

GetOrfMoiLand · 12/12/2010 20:20


With a sloght l sound between l and b.

Holborn to me is hrlb'n

But what do I know. I am from Devon anyway so the pronunciation has definitely got a wurzel egde to it.

CharlotteBronteSaurus · 12/12/2010 20:23

LOL tethers
you're not as much of a wanker as me. i thought the stop at the Essex end of the central line was pronounced "Theydon Bwah".

GetOrfMoiLand · 12/12/2010 20:25

I though my aunty spelled Tooting Bec wrong when she moved there.

I thought 'nothing ends with a c like that in english' and addressed letters to Tooting Beck.

She lives in Chigwell now so all well (not really, I mean Chigwell)

Spidermama · 12/12/2010 20:26

Oh you prize ponce! Grin

psst. I did too when I first saw it.

meltedmarsbars · 12/12/2010 20:28

Its The Aldwych, isn't it?

FiveColdRingsForSolo · 12/12/2010 20:39

Yes, definitely The Aldwych.

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