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I actually had an open mouth moment today!

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create · 07/12/2010 18:08

I was driving past a rather swish fitness centre, which had boards outside advertising Christmas Trees and Christmas Reefs for sale Shock

OP posts:
Mumbybumby · 07/12/2010 18:16

:) brilliant!
Oh and while we're on a plant/flower theme: on an MN thread earlier someone posted about how people should not be 'casting nasturtiums'! I refrained from commenting and think the thread has been deleted (such a shame!)

TheUnmentioned · 07/12/2010 18:17

maybe they were little bits of sparkly coral?

TheUnmentioned · 07/12/2010 18:18

casting nasturtiums - no they're difficult to get hold of this time of year

HowTheGrokeStoleChristmas · 07/12/2010 18:19

These are superb!

booyhohoho · 07/12/2010 18:20

Shock @ nasturtiums!! how do you even make a stab at spelling that?

QueenGigantaurofMnet · 07/12/2010 18:21

nasturtions is fantastic.

maybe they are special christmas flavoured alcopops for sale with the three's op

Goingspare · 07/12/2010 18:24

'Casting nasturtiums' is a joke , Mumby.

OED (under nasturtium): '4. humorous. to cast nasturtiums on (also at): = to cast aspersions upon at aspersion n. 6.
1916 W.L. George Strangers' Wedding i. v. 112 All right, 'Erb, I don't want to cast any nasturtiums on you!
1933 D. L. Sayers Murder must Advertise i. 22 He's been a long time in the firm and doesn't like any nasturtiums cast at it.
1998 Independent (Nexis) 27 Apr. (Features section) 8, I should hate to cast nasturtiums on the spotless reputations of the dancers.'

booyhohoho · 07/12/2010 18:27

wow, you learn something new everyday.

LivinInThe80s · 07/12/2010 18:32

There is a lovely little cafe on my high street I'd love to try out. The board outside offers:

Sheppards pie
Tomatoe soup
Bake potatos

I just can't allow myself to go in...

Mumbybumby · 07/12/2010 18:32

Unfortunately the poster did not use it in that context but hey, I'm always happy to learn!
Although I did like the idea of people casting flowers into the discussion as it was getting rather heated! :o

Goingspare · 07/12/2010 18:40

Oh my, I'd love to know the context. Feel I've missed something.

ShanahansRevenge · 07/12/2010 18:45

I didn't get it for a minute!

I thought it was a reference to dope ssmoking! As in "Christmas reefer"


ShanahansRevenge · 07/12/2010 18:47

OOh "Bake potatoes"! Cannot BEAR that one!

I also hate Mash potatoes when people mean
Mashed potatoes.

KickButtowski · 07/12/2010 18:55

You all need to be a bit more Pacific when you post ........ (my own pet hate)

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