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This is super annoying.

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tethersend · 19/11/2010 22:23

I mean, are we in some sort of American college? In the 80s?

Why? When did the word 'really' become illegal?

If I hear "I'm super busy" one more time, I will fuck shit up.

OP posts:
BelleDameSansMerci · 20/11/2010 08:08

tethers Grin

tethersend · 20/11/2010 12:32

Is it just me?

God I hope not.

OP posts:
ComingDownTheChimmley · 20/11/2010 12:44


The general inflation of language is to blame, I think.


A child pokes yours with a pencil in Reception.

The incident is duly reported as your child being 'stabbed'.

A fire in a BIFFA red bin is inflated to a conflagration by the media.

Ergo I am really busy inflates to super busy.

That's my theory.

tethersend · 20/11/2010 13:12

Could they not use 'incredibly'?

Anyone who uses 'super' in this way can only be 'super busy' with being a twat. It must be exhausting.

OP posts:
VictorianIce · 20/11/2010 22:16

I think we should all say 'jolly' more.

I am jolly busy.
You are jolly annoying.
He's been jolly well stabbed.

That sort of thing.

MrsColumbo · 20/11/2010 22:32

GrinVictorianIce - I for one would love to see a clothing range with Jolly Dry on it. Although I think Really Dry or Incredibly Dry would work equally well (maybe that last one should be a range of sanitary towels).

tethersend · 20/11/2010 22:47

I jolly well love you both.

OP posts:
MrsColumbo · 20/11/2010 22:48

Super! Grin

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