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Pedant kids

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MardyBra · 27/10/2010 18:44

Today, on a train journey, I got the DC to learn:

use of the subjunctive, as in "If I were..."
usages of less and fewer
should have (instead of "should of")
loose, lose (and, bizarrely, loos!)

And then they got bored and played cards.

Good start though. [Feeling pleased with myself emoticon]

OP posts:
MardyBra · 27/10/2010 18:50

Sorry I've just realised that looks like a smug competitive parent-type post. Just wanted to convey how I enjoyed chatting to the kids about correct usage of language.

OP posts:
UniS · 27/10/2010 18:56

Kids make VERY good pedants.

frakkinstein · 28/10/2010 13:20

Catch em young, train em well.

Elsaz · 28/10/2010 13:32

My dd now points out incorrect use of apostrophes on signs Grin

mamsnet · 28/10/2010 13:33

How old are your kids?

How soon can I start? Grin

MardyBra · 28/10/2010 14:45

11 and 8.
To be fair, the 11 yo knew most of the rules already, but needed clarification on less/fewer in particular. How old are yours mamsnet?

OP posts:
mamsnet · 28/10/2010 14:47

4 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grin

MardyBra · 28/10/2010 14:50

Never too early...?

OP posts:
pickledbabe · 28/10/2010 14:54

never too early.

they'll not pick up bad english if you absorb them in it from the word go.

(one-finger typing as eating donut, so can't do punctuation)

Barbeasty · 28/10/2010 15:21

When I was seven my teacher told my parents that I was a pedant. When I asked what that meant he gave the definition "It means that sometimes I want to throw you out of a window"!

It's never too early.

mamsnet · 28/10/2010 16:17

I'll keep it in mind then!

Keishara · 21/11/2010 16:42

Many children will forever be confused about less and fewer because when they are 4/5 we teach 1 more and 1 less in maths. I have argued and been shouted down repeatedly, Mothers please feel free to complain!

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