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School letter - ahh the irony

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HughRinal · 10/09/2010 22:37

DS has been at school for four days. Today he has a letter from his teacher to inform us that he must 'practice his spellings'.

Should I send it back with a note of irony? Or will this mark me out as one of those mothers.
Seriously, it makes me feel ill!

OP posts:
MrsMadWriggle · 10/09/2010 23:55

Surely the ultimate irony? Welcome to the world of modern primary education. Grin

NickOfTime · 11/09/2010 00:00

ds1 wrote in his agenda

'spelling test tommorow'


actually as long as the words on the list itself are okay, i am content to titter behind my hand. if all the children in the class have been given a word list with mistakes in it to learn, i do go in and have a small word.

seaturtle · 11/09/2010 00:13

I know a lovely primary school teacher who admits she can't spell.

HughRinal · 11/09/2010 08:51

Yes, as long as the words to learn are correct...

OP posts:
PuppyMonkey · 11/09/2010 08:55

Should it be practise then? I always get confused with practice/practise. Blush

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo · 11/09/2010 09:18

You are not alone,sadly. I was so irate/disheartened by that very instruction on Thursday that I started an AIBU thread. I have decided not to mention it (I thinkGrin),but have corrected it on the spelling book. To be honest, if I thought it was just a slip of the pen I might mention it, but am scared that I might open whole can of worms...

FrameyMcFrame · 11/09/2010 09:25

Oh dear, you should see the letters that come home from my daughter's school!

There/they're full of errors and speeling mistakes. How are theese people capeable of teaching are children!(?)

MrsMadWriggle · 11/09/2010 13:22


Practice is the noun, as in "piano practice".

Practise is the verb, as in "we must practise our spellings".

(The Americans use them differently though.)


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