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It's stationEry!!!

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Feenie · 27/08/2010 18:51

TWO thread titles with this misspelling today!

And breathe.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 27/08/2010 18:52

unless it's stationary

Feenie · 27/08/2010 19:06

Yes. But neither of them are. I inherited a classroom from our deputy head with neat 'STATIONARY' labels on two of her trays. Shock

OP posts:
RubberDuck · 27/08/2010 19:08

I was always taught to remember the difference as:

Envelope is stationEry.
A parked Automobile is stationAry.

HSMM · 27/08/2010 19:12

But the labels weren't moving, so they were stationary :)

fuschiagroan · 27/08/2010 19:13

I remember it as you buy stationery from a STATIONERS not a stationars. Innit?

StealthPolarBear · 27/08/2010 19:14

I learned

papER is stationERy
a pARked cAR is stationARy

lol at HSMM :)

MumInBeds · 27/08/2010 19:14

Feenie, at least they don't say 'Stationary Draw' as one did at my workplace. Confused

Clumsymum · 27/08/2010 19:14

Drives me LOOOOOOPY.

How many people make this mistake, including professional traders on websites and on ebay..

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 27/08/2010 19:15

Who cares? Hmm The pens were in fact stationary in my hair, they were not going anywhere.
I find it incredibly rude to correct people on their spelling unless it's an important document. You are clearly nit picking on someone who is having a very crap day, surly being told my mother will be dead in 1-2 years excuses me from spelling a farking word correctly?

Feenie · 27/08/2010 19:46

Erm......I am in Pedants' corner, doing exactly what it's made for. Hmm Had I come on to your thread and said the same, you would have grounds to get narky with me.

I'm very, very sorry about your Mum, your situation sounds really horrible.

OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 27/08/2010 19:48

It might also be stationAry... is it moving?

Clumsymum · 27/08/2010 19:49

I'm sorry, I didn't know either that it was belle's thread where the error occurred, and I appreciate it's been a crap day for her.

But Feenie, I do agree with you about the general feeling. Spelling etc does matter..

taffetacatski · 27/08/2010 19:59

Most stationery is stationary - apart from when its made into paper aeroplanes

I am not normally a pedant (much...) I thought this was a thread about stationery. I love it. I have a bad Paperchase habit.

TrillianAstra · 27/08/2010 20:21

Or rubber band balls for throwing and bouncing, they're not stationary.

taffetacatski · 27/08/2010 20:39


airmail envelopes aren't either

taffetacatski · 27/08/2010 20:40

Oh I am sorry have just read the thread properly belle didn't mean to be flippant

very sorry to hear about your mum :(

TrillianAstra · 27/08/2010 20:42

If I'm in my seat on a plane, asleep, not moving, but the plane is flying, am I stationary? I feel stationary.

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 27/08/2010 20:44

It's OK, there really are other things going on in peoples lives though, it may be very important to you that one word is spelt correctly, starting a thread about it is rather rude though, I think these are generally used for things seen outside mumsnet and not to correct a thread seen on here, use it for a leaflet or an advert that you have seen for example. It's going over the line when you so openly point out an error when the person in question can read all about it.

LeninGrad · 27/08/2010 20:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGrad · 27/08/2010 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrillianAstra · 27/08/2010 21:00

Just sayin'

taffetacatski · 27/08/2010 21:02

Trillian - how very metaphysical of you. We are never stationary I guess as the world spins inexorably on its axis

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 27/08/2010 21:03

I wasn't lucky enough to go to a school that taught or corrected spelling. I was quite excited when ds came home with his spelling lists as I'd never experienced this before Grin I learned more helping him then I ever did at school. Hmm

LeninGrad · 27/08/2010 21:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EgyptVanGogh · 27/08/2010 22:03

Well, I'm slightly embarrassed but this thread is just poor manners. Surely you could have acknowledged my hilarious noteworthy stupidity in an existing thread - don't you pedants have a running one?

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