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Ok, who would like to help me

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girlylala0807 · 01/08/2010 19:38

I have been reading the notes from my essays from last term at uni. I need to learn how to use apostrophies correctly and construct proper sentances. Spelling can also be an issue so im working on that.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can improve? Im going to write my dissertation this year and I want it to be amazing!


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ElbowFan · 06/08/2010 17:57

You may find this useful

ElbowFan · 06/08/2010 18:00

Or maybe this now I've read how to post a link!!

girlylala0807 · 06/08/2010 22:22

Thank you very much for the link, will have a good look through it.

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