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"I asked you to stop screaming at the table"

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Pavlov · 15/07/2010 21:00

said DH to DD, aged 4.

I told him that I felt, technically, that was incorrect as she was not shouting at the table itself, rather she was shouting, while sat at the table.

He called me a Pedant.

I told him that it was quite important, in my opinion, to be correct in the wording of something like this when reprimanding DD, so as to a) not confuse her and b) not allow for any backchatting as she too becomes pedantic.

He again called me a Pedant. He said the English language is complex with many different meanings, and ways of expressing those meanings. I said there were many different ways and many of those ways were wrong. This was one of those ways. It was not Correct.

Was I being a Pedant, or is this an important distinction to make?

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 15/07/2010 21:03

you were (rightly) being a pedant

it wasn't the time to make an issue out of it

thisisyesterday · 15/07/2010 21:04

on a slight tangent, i have already taught my 5 yr old why "these doors are alarmed" is kind of funny

senua · 15/07/2010 21:07

Did DD sit there, smirking, whilst the parents argued amongst themselves and forgot all about her misdemeanour.

Just to be pedantic: if your DH objects to screaming at the table, does this imply that he is fine with screaming elsewhere.

mollymawk · 15/07/2010 21:08

Ahem. Was she not screaming while she was sitting at the table?

hatwoman · 15/07/2010 21:09

a) is an ok reason but b) will never work. she will not be put off pedantic back-chat by you being a pedant. the exact opposite will happen. she will pull you up on every single little slip of the tongue, detracting attention from the clear meaning of what you said and deftly turning an instruction or telling off into a debate about words. you will live to regret it, believe me.

Pavlov · 15/07/2010 21:10

oh it wasn't an issue, we had a chuckle about it, he thinks I am pedantic as a general rule. And he was not repremanding her in any great or terrible way.

OP posts:
Pavlov · 15/07/2010 21:16

senua that is very true. I will have to pull him up on that one too , yes she was like this but quietly got down and moved away!

molly I stand corrected...haha get it, stand fnar fnar!

hatwoman I fear it will happen. She does it now "you said she when you meant he " i have made a Rod haven't I? oh well, at least that is two of us correcting DH

OP posts:
Pavlov · 15/07/2010 21:17

hatwoman you have, i have just realised though, described me in your post. It drives DH nuts.

OP posts:
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