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stay at home mums

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linzoid · 14/05/2003 16:17

What is your typical day like? I clean 2 hours a day, 3 days a week for someone and i have one child at pre-school(2.5 hours) and one full time. I seem to spend all my time cleaning up and walking from one place to another.
I go from home to ds1 school then to ds2 school then to where i clean, then back for ds2. Then it's home for dinner and clean my own house ( and quick browse on mumsnet of course) and off to pick up ds1 for 3:30
How does your day go?

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SoupDragon · 14/05/2003 16:19

You clean 2 hours a day??? Oh, it's as a job. I was feeling seriously inadequate for a moment. Mind you, I'm still impressed.

I'm too embarrassed to put how my day goes as there would be a lot of mumsnet time...

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Mum2Toby · 14/05/2003 16:22

I'm stalking you!

I get up at 6.15am. I get ready for work while dp fixes breakfast for ds and gets him ready for Nursery. I leave at 7am he doesn't leave until 8am. I work until 5.15pm then go pick up ds at Nursery.
We get home for 6.15pm. I make his dinner and maybe do a half hour tidy-up. DP comes in at 7pm. He baths ds while I cook dinner.
We eat at 7.30-ish then one of us takes ds to bed.
I vegetate on the sofa for the rest of the evening while dp does the dishes and cleans the kitchen!

There, that's my week day.

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eefs · 14/05/2003 16:32

Is this thread only for SAHM's? I work, but as I'm on roll with posts at the moment I'll fill you all in
I'm woken up 7:30 by ds, we talk, read and play for 30 minutes, ds follows me into the bathroom and plays while I shower etc. Dress and feed ds, kick dp a few times to get him up, leave for work at 8:45.
Pick ds up at 5:30, go home, quick tidy up, then bring ds for a walk/play on the floor until dp calls us for dinner. After dinner visit friends/play with ds/go for a walk. 8:00 pm Bring ds home and put him to bed.
Leave DP slumped in front of the TV and go to the gym/visit friends etc. Come home 10:30 ish, talk with dp, bed at 11:30.
House cleaning is for the weekend in our house.

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Lindy · 14/05/2003 16:40

I really have to think hard about what I do, when you actually write it down it seems like a lot of time wasting!!

Get up around 6.45 - shower, make DH's sandwiches; DH usually gets DS up. Breakfast, try to do a bit of housework, read paper.

9.30 - 1pm DS is at playgroup three mornings a week (Bliss!!) - I usually have to help at the playgroup once a week, but other days I shop, housework, do voluntary work, Mumsnet!!

1pm - collect DS, he goes for a sleep !! I have lunch & try to do an exercise video.

4pm ish - DS wakes - we go for a walk, park, visit friends. (sometimes he slobs out in front of a video!)

6pm - DS & I have supper (or if DH not away we eat later) - bath & DS in bed by 7pm

Evenings - I go out to a meeting about twice a week or else hate to admit this but if I'm in I spend most of the evening on Mumsnet !!

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meTracyH · 14/05/2003 16:50

I work from home with Usborne Books at Home, so after the kids are safely in school I generally take my books to a local pre-school or toddler group, have a coffee and a chat there for a couple of hours (hopefully sell some books!), come home, have a sandwich, put the washing on, process the order, catch up on any phone calls to my other organisers and people interested in joining Usborne Books, prepare the tea, and walk to school to pick up my son. My daughter cycles to school and gets home about 4pm.

I also help with fundraising in my ds school and until recently was a school governor!

After running around between piano lessons, guides, cubs and after school clubs, we eat about 6:30!

You may notice that I don't leave much time for housework! Purely intentional I can assure you!!

A day in my life!


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doormat · 14/05/2003 18:08

A day in the life of a doormat
6.30-get up,bath , feed and dress ds2. Put him in his wheelchair for 7.30 ready for school.Dd3 gets off too school.DD2 goes to work.8.30 dp goes to college or work 8.45 ds1 goes to school. Have a look at mumsnet if not busy.
9.00 housework inc washing ds3 feed and dress
11.00 bath and dressed(might jump on sunbed for 10mins if not going out)
12.00 lunch
12.30 clean up, check mumsnet
afternoon play with ds3 and either go out shopping, housework upstairs,check mumsnet, appts etc.
3.30-4.30 kids and dp all come home, feed ds2
5.00 dinner time and clean up.
7.00 get ds2 and ds3 ready for bed
8.00 dd1 usually phones me and dp
9.00 feed ds2, 4 kids go to bed
9.30 tidy up, sit and sledge in front of t.v or computer. (except for fri & sat where I have a few drinks)
midnight go to bed.
looking at that no wonder I am knackered!!!!!!!!!

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Rhubarb · 14/05/2003 22:28

I'm very lazy, I only get up at 8am! We usually have activities on during the morning (toddler groups and so on), then dinner and whilst she has a nap I do some work on one of my websites and check Mumsnet. Then we play and do stuff in the afternoon till daddy comes home. I then cook tea whilst he looks after her, then I put my feet up and read the paper whilst he washes up.

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Demented · 14/05/2003 23:20

Don't ask me, I don't know, it all sort of passes in a blur and then it's bedtime, Mumsnet features highly as do b/feeds and washing machines.

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Ghosty · 15/05/2003 02:23

Get up at 7.15am ... Give DS his breakfast while DH gets ready for work.
DH goes to work at 8am
DS watches his kiddies programs while I check out Mumsnet and have a shower.
9.30 Go out ... playgroup, swimming, coffee etc OR stay in and do housework around DS playing.
12 noon ... lunch
1pm onwards ... more of above ... have people over for play and tea ....
DS goes to nursery 2 afternoons a week so I sit on mumsnet and try to do my course.
5pm .. tea
6pm ... DH comes home and all hell breaks loose.
6.30pm Bathtime
7pm ... DS has milk and a play followed by a video while I cook dinner for DH
7.30 pm DS has a story and goes to bed
8.30 pm DH and I have dinner.
9pm onwards ... either slob in front of telly or go back on Mumsnet.
11pm Bed ...

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Britabroad · 15/05/2003 05:54

Telly's pretty crap in NZ don't you think?

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Ghosty · 15/05/2003 06:19

Absolutely Britabroad! Totally hopeless ... I have even found myself watching Shortland Street lately ...
Aaaaaaaghhhhh ...

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Nutjob · 15/05/2003 13:08

Well, let's see, I have never really sat and thought about it but here goes:-

6.45am Get up, make ds and dd's breakfasts, get them washed, teethcleaned and dressed ready for school/playgroup.

8.15am Eat my breakfast whilst ds and dd play

8.35am Take ds to school and then dd to playgroup

9.30am Get home, make beds, wash up, do housework.

11.55am Go to pick up dd

12.35pm Get home make lunch

1pm to 2.55pm Wash up, do ironing, read dd stories

3.00pm Go to pick ds up from school

3.30pm Either nip out to shops or come home, dd and ds play, I check out mumsnet, makes dh/ds sarnis for the next day, read mags, do homework with ds.

5.00pm Ds/dd teatime

6.00pm Bathtime, dh gets home.

6.30pm Dh takes over childcare whilst I make our dinner

7.00pm Dd goes to bed

7.15pm Dh and me have dinner

8.00pm Ds goes to bed

8.05 onwards Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh me time, have a bath, crack open a bottle of wine, chat to dh and yes, check out Mumsnet.

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breeze · 15/05/2003 14:58

OK my typical day.

Get up, get dressed then same for ds.

DS goes to play-school I come back and catch up with the housework (oops did I say housework I meant soaps).
Pick up DS have lunch.
Go to park or shops
DS dinner/bath and book
Spend 30 minutes rushing around doing the tiding up before DH gets home.

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Meid · 15/05/2003 16:36

I’m not a SAHM but a typical day for me is…..
6.15am… get up, have breakfast and feed the cats
6.30 - 7.00am… I potter about, putting away clothes, sorting out another load for the washing machine etc. DH gets up and leaves for work all in about 5 minutes!
7.00am… I get dressed then wake DD if she isn’t already up. She has her milk and I read a book and then we sing songs while I get her dressed and ready for nursery. I make the beds and wash up.
7.45am… Leave for nursery, then drive onto the station and get the train to work.
9.15am… Arrive at mumsnet… err…. I mean… work.
5.15pm… Leave work and collect DD from nursery.
6.40pm… Arrive home, fix DD a drink and snack and weather permitting she runs around in the garden or we go for a short walk.
7.30pm… Bath time and DH arrives home. He takes over while I feed cats, sort out DD’s bag for the next day and check the freezer for dinner.
8.15pm… We all lie on the bed reading bedtime books. My favourite time
8.30pm… DD goes to bed.
8.30-9.15pm… We cook and eat our dinner.
9.15pm... While DH is usually logged onto his computer, I wash up, make bottles, open post, hang up washing, tidy up, iron, shower and get ready for bed.
11pm-ish… Bed! Ahhh!

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Meid · 15/05/2003 16:37

Isn't that strange? I don't know what happened there but don't really have time to type it again!!

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judetheobscure · 15/05/2003 19:03

A typical weekday:

7.15 Up
7.30 Kids dressed then breakfast
8.00 Kids upstairs - teeth-wash etc.
8.15 Kids shoes/coats on.
8.30 To school/pre-school
9.30 Back home - housework - shower.
(10.30 Ds 3 down for morning nap)
12.00 Pick up ds2 from pre-school
1.00 Lunch
1.30 - 3.00 Potter around.
3.00 School run
4.00 Back home - maybe after-school clubs or kids just play together.
5..30 Tea
6.30 PJs on.
7.00 Ds 3 to bed
7.30 Ds 1 & 2 to bed
8.00 Dd to bed = ME TIME

You may have noticed I don't do a lot of child care. Bad mother.

oh ...... it's 7.00 and the pjs aren't on yet ... another routine bites the dust. Bad, bad mother.

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eidsvold · 16/05/2003 06:54

6 - 6.30 get up for some time on Mumsnet or catching up on exam marking while Dd and dh are still asleep or do the weekly shop

7.30 - 8 dd up and have breakfast and get dd bathed and dressed

8.30 - 11 ish she plays and we do her 'physio/developmental' exercises, walk to the park for some time on the swings if the weather's fine, or mother and baby group, or children's centre for physio/ot

about 11ish - morning tea,

11 - 11.30 she has a little snooze, I do a little laundry or tidying,

between 1 and 2 - lunch ,

2 till about 5ish she has her nap , or baby clinic I have some me time, lunch and a bit a veg in front of telly/read a book, or at the moment SATS marking, or prepare for tutoring session or some housework....

then drink for dd when she wakes up

dh home between 5 and 6,

about 6 - 7 dd has dinner

7 - 8 we have dinner

8 - bedtime - dd falls asleep on sofa, we watch a bit of telly or just chill out or I check out mumsnet again and catch up on emails. Catch up on bits and pieces I may have to do for the parent support group that I am a part of.

My that day looks sooo boring!!!

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susanmt · 17/05/2003 01:19

GEt up about 6.30 (if its my turn, dh and I take it day about to get up with kids) or 8, if its his turn

9.00 - dh leaves for work with dd for nursery
9.01 - run bath to stop ds crying cos they have gone!
9.30-9.45 ds and I finally out of bath!
10.00 - Teletubbies for ds, mumsnet for me!
10.20 - me still on mumsnet, ds wrecking house!
10.30 - go out for walk or play in garden etc
11.30 - ds goes for nap. I clean, iron, study (bfc just started!) paint etc ! Me time! Will be marking exams in this slot in 3 weeks time!
1.30 - ds wakes, d gets home from Nursery (with dh) - all have lunch together
2.00 or so - dh leaves to go back to work, playtme/walktime etc etc
5.00 - make tea
5.30 - dh home
6.45 - baths
7.00 - 7.30 bedtimes
7.35 - collapse on sofa

Except on Monday when they go to the childminder and Wed afternoon, when we go to toddlers/do shopping etc.

Every 2nd Sat morning I have the kids (similar to wekdays except dd here too ) as dh works.

In evening at the minute I am sometimes in bed by 8 - pregnant and tired. Dh sometimes goes back into work or works at home. He's on call every 2nd night so sometimes has visits to do.

I love being an SAHM - far better than going to school and controlling other people's children!

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Hilary · 17/05/2003 20:15

Up at about 6:15 with ds1, ds2 gets up sometime after 7am. (if it is DH's turn, I sleep in until about 8am) Otherwise, breakfast for boys, changed, dressed, get myself ready, shower etc

8:30 run round getting everything ready for ds1 to go to nursery, shoes coats etc.

8:50 take ds1 to nursery

10am three mornings we do tots groups or tiny church, the other two we go home and I do some housework, computer stuff (inc Mumsnet!)and play with ds2.

11:30 collect ds1 (two mornings a week we go at 12:30)

12 lunch for me and boys.

1 ish some stories or maybe a video.

2 ish, we usually either go to the park or to a play area or in the garden. Sometimes we meet up with friends. If we don't go out, I usually think of something to do with them - crafty thing or computer thing with them or something.

Usually back by 4 ish

Boys play together. I think about tea...

5:30-6pm have tea.

6:30 tidy kitchen. Start to tidy up front room. Bath boys. Sort out washing while they are in bath and keep an eye on them.

7:30-7:45 Boys in bed, finish tidying up.

8pm Mumsnet, OU course, work on website.

10pm sort out bread machine for the morning.

Bed at about 10:30pm.

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pupuce · 17/05/2003 21:25

645 - DS wakes but isn't allowed to make noise until 720 ()
720 - DS wakes us up
730 - we get DD out of bed, I still lye in, DH in shower....slowly I'll get there - and we both check our e-mail!
830 - Breakfast (all are dressed)
900 - drive DS to pre-school
930 - Tiduy up house, play with DD, prepare lunch
1130 - pick up DS
1200 - lunch with DH and kids
1245 - DD to nap, DS to soem sort of quiet time, I work on my computer... and a bit of mumsnet
300 - DD up and we all go to town or playground (unless raining and then we play indoor)
500 - DH prepares tea
530 - we all eat tea
615 - bath on some nights
645-730 bedtimes for kids
730 - DH and I both sit behind our compuetrs to do some work, meet up at 9PM for a snack (tonight strawberries) and a quick chat... we may end up watching a bit of telly or play cards or something
1100 - IN BED !

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Slinky · 17/05/2003 22:35

Can I join this thread even though I work part-time??

Monday, Tuesday and Fridays go as follows:

5.00am - DH leaves for work
6.30am - alarm goes off - hit snooze
6.38am - get up, jump in the shower and get dressed.
7.00am - wake DD1, other 2 are generally awake and playing in DS1 bedroom. Come downstairs - they get dressed.
7.20am - breakfast for all. Quick flick of the paper.
7.45am - back upstairs for teeth-cleaning for all. I finish off drying my hair and put some makeup on.
8.10am - back downstairs, pack DD2 lunch bag for nursery. I go outside to let rabbits out into their run for the day. Feed cats.
8.25am - check everyone has shoes/coats/homework folders/PE kits etc
8.30am - out of the door to walk DD1 and DS1 to school
8.40am - bell goes, so DD2 and I walk back to collect car and we go off to nursery.
9.00am - arrive at nursery, drop DD2 in her room - and I walk through to next door where I work.

1.30pm - finish work/collect DD2 and we come home. Make myself some lunch. Tidy up kitchen etc - hang out any washing/unload dishwasher etc.

2.50pm - walk down to school to collect other 2.
Go home, do homework then they generally play/watch some TV etc.

5.30pm - kids have their dinner,
6.15pm - bathtime followed by stories.
6.45pm - DD2 usually goes to bed.
7.00pm - DS1 and DD1 usually go up - DD1 reads for 1/2 hour.

DH usually gets in about 7pm so pops in to say goodnight to the kids. Then we have our dinner about 7.30pm.

On Mondays - variation is that I take children swimming from 4.00pm getting back about 5.45pm.

On Thursdays - DD2 doesn't go to nursery in the mornings but I drop her off at 12.30pm as I'm working in DS1's class in the afternoons from 1.00pm. We then go out to pick DD2 up at 5.00pm.

On Fridays - I collect DS1 at 3.00pm, then go back to school at 4.30pm to collect DD1 who has football training. They have dinner then we take DD1 to Brownies at 6.30pm - I then nip out to collect her at 8.00pm as DH is back by then.

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sobernow · 17/05/2003 22:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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WideWebWitch · 17/05/2003 22:57

sobernow at your rich fantasy life!

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Ghosty · 17/05/2003 23:28


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Batters · 18/05/2003 09:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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