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salbutamol dossage

3 replies

Linzoid · 15/03/2003 15:25

Does anyone know what the safe dosage of a salbutamol inhaler would be for a 4 year old? We haven't used it in a long time, the box is missing and i don't know how much to give him.

OP posts:

Nutjob · 15/03/2003 16:58

My dd (3) has two puffs, three times a day. However, I have a feeling that it isn't dangerous, and even if someone without asthma took it, it wouldn't do them any harm. So I don't think you can 'overdose'. HTH


lou33 · 15/03/2003 17:46

Mine have 1 or 2 puffs 3 times a day. A gp told me that in the event of an emergency though, it can be taken every 10 minutes until you get to hospital.


Alibubbles · 15/03/2003 21:03

My GP says that my DD can puf it into her spacer at least 24 times in an emergency. The amount actually inhaled is so small.

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