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having another baby

3 replies

debbied · 10/03/2003 00:03

hi there i have two chldren one 5 one 2 people keep telling me its time for another half of me agrees but half dosent want to go back to all the night feeds and also my second child is very clingy and im affraid he would feel pushed away

OP posts:

gosh2 · 10/03/2003 07:30

"people keep telling you"

come on, we are old enough to make and live with our own decisions. do what you want to do.

please give it lots of thought, it sounds like you are a bit unsure. good luck


PandaBear · 10/03/2003 08:56

Surely it doesn't matter what other people think? Whatever you and your DH/DP think is right for you and your family, is usually right. Don't worry about everyone else, do what you want and be happy!!!


tallulah · 11/03/2003 18:35

Hi debbie. People kept telling me 2 was enough, but I ignored them & went on to have 4!
Do what you want & take no notice of anyone else.

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