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dd's birthday + party was wonderful - thanks to all for the advice

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Wills · 09/03/2003 21:39


dd's party was just great. I went ahead with an "old fashioned" style version i.e. games + runaround + "High tea" and it was wonderful. I had loads of people around to help and they all stepped in at various points. Nevertheless I'm still totally shattered and just about to roll into bed. The best bit though was this morning. She wandered into bed in her normal style at 6.50 this morning, without a clue that it was her birthday. After realising that there was no way she was going back to bed dh and I sang happy birthday to her. It was a complete surprise and she grined from ear to ear - wonderful!

Thanks to everyone for their help in the various threads, helped to make a wonderful time for us all.

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