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Peaceful Protest - Show you care!!

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KidsNeedFamily · 15/03/2005 18:55



7pm, candles lit at 7.30pm

...To highlight the plight of families torn apart by the slow process of the courts, and those children who find themselves without members of their family after separation.

This is a family-based event, a peaceful candlelit vigil, an attempt to show the political parties and those involved in children's issues that the support is out there and comes from every corner - all ages, sexes and backgrounds. It's NOT just excluded dads who believe children need 2 parents and need to feel the support of their biological family - it's dads, mums, step-parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, godparents, neighbours... everybody.

People Power is the way forward ? if we want change, we need to fight for it. Hundreds of thousands of children are adversely affected by parental separation and the problems that follow. Don?t watch the news on the television ? create it! Bring your family, friends, colleagues? and a candle. It is completely free and nothing is asked of you but your support. This is not organised by a particular group of activists ? just a group of individuals who want to make a better life for all our children.

There will be supporters congregated at each main Family Court of every major town and city. List of venues to be confirmed. Co-ordinators required for each area. If you would like to show your support at your local court, don?t wait to be asked? Do it!

Please show your support and encourage everyone you know to do the same. We aim to have a strong presence from MP's and the media. Publicity is often limited to national newspapers and news and as well as that coverage, we want to achieve high levels of awareness at local and regional level. This is to try and hammer home the idea that this problem exists in your street, in your community, not only at the top of a crane, or outside Buckingham Palace. It's widespread and it affects everybody who has children, or is involved with children.

More info to follow. Please do volunteer if you can help, or forward this information to anyone you feel may want or need to know, or even those who don?t?. The only way this will be a success is if YOU make it one. To be included in email updates please email [email protected]

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