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he used the potty!!!

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justamom · 15/03/2005 17:42

i just had to tell the word that DS used the potty last night!!! probably won't happen again for a while but it was GREAT!!! DS has had so many problems and has been so for behind and even thoughto to have sensory problems and well i could go on for ever....i thought potty training well would never happen atleast not with in the next 2 years ( he is 21 months ). about 2 months ago i got a potty seat that sits on the big potty and every now and then he'll want to sit on it...well last night he sat and sat and sat and sat... and i finally told him it was time to get off and he fussed with me...wel hollared and screamed ...and then IT happend ...he pottied...
Well i was just so proud...

OP posts:
Twiglett · 15/03/2005 17:44

gosh that's early

well done your DS

Hulababy · 15/03/2005 17:52

Well done to your DS

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