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Sopping wet bottom!!

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evansmummy · 15/03/2005 14:02

I've just changed my lo's very first cloth nappy and was surprised to find that his skin was really wet. Is this normal with cloths and doesn't it mean more irritation/discomfort for him? In fact I found it so disagreable that I've put a disposable o him! Have I done something wrong? Please help cos I'd really like to get into this cloth thing!!!

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 15/03/2005 14:11

That was my experience too. The so-called 'one-way' liners don't do much in terms of keeping the bums dry, but the fleece liners are much better at that. OTOH, you can't flush away a fleece liner full of poo. You may need to wipe him with a wipe or wet cottonwool all over the nappy area with every change, depends how his skin reacts.

flamesparrow · 15/03/2005 17:25

How long was he in the nappy for too? They need changing a bit more frequently than disposables.

I found the best dispoasble liners were boots own ones, but they stopped selling them . I mananged to get a pile from the wanted ads on nappy lady - you could try a shout out for some on here maybe?

bensmum3 · 15/03/2005 23:20

What kind of cloth nappy were you using evansmumy ?

evansmummy · 16/03/2005 04:27

Used a motherease one size with a fleece liner. Am gonna try my tots bots tomorrow.

OP posts:
flamesparrow · 16/03/2005 08:25

I've never tried the motherease, so don't know. During the summer with DD when she was weeing and wetting for England I was needing to change her about every 4 hours.


Tissy · 16/03/2005 08:35

evansmummy, I think if your ds's skin was sopping, then it means that the nappy needed changing a bit sooner. With fleece liners you only really get a bit of "dampness" IYKWIM.

Certainly, wee on its own will not cause nappy rash/ irritation, but a pooey nappy needs to be changed ASAP, as the bacteria in the poo turn wee into ammonia, which burns!

Keep going with the cloth, and don't be discouraged by your first experience- it will get easier as you get the hang of things!

evansmummy · 16/03/2005 08:54

Thanks, Tissy, for the encouragement, just what I needed. I haven't bought my 'set' yet, I'm still trying them out, and today is the turn of the tots bots, which seems v popular here on mumsnet! So we'll see how that goes. But, yeah, I think I probably should've changed him sooner, even though it wasn't more than 4 hours. Plus the fact, as someone on my other thread said to me, that it was a brand new nappy, so apparently less absorbant.

OP posts:
misdee · 16/03/2005 09:27

have you pre-washed the nappies?

lunavix · 16/03/2005 09:47

You have to prewash the nappies two or three times first, else they won't absorb.

PrettyCandles · 16/03/2005 11:32

Without fabric conditioner.

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