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Daughter for sale!

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Tim58 · 14/03/2005 01:21


Anyone want to buy one sassy 15 year old daughter? lol

She came home 40 minutes late from a junior disco on Friday night. Worse still she had turned off her mobile which meant we couldn't contact her. Then when my wife lectures her she starts to answer back This made my wife even more furious and she grounded our dd for the rest of the weekend but also made her write an essay as punishment.

What gets us is the insolence and general sassiness. Plus the overwhelming need to get the last word in! All our friends with teens say exactly the same. You could see my wife mentally making the essay longer the more our dd carried on.


OP posts:
Gwenick · 14/03/2005 01:23

I'll trade her for 15 month old DS - absolute terror, minuture Houdini, into, onto and under everthing - throws tantrums like a 3yr old

KarenThirl · 14/03/2005 06:52

It's a very tempting offer, Tim, but I reckon I'll pass. Bet you and your wife were perfect at 15, eh?!

flamesparrow · 14/03/2005 08:30

Ooh, I'll throw in a 21 month old DD to go with Gwen's DS, and I don't even mind not recieving your DD - Gwen can still get the prize

Frizbe · 14/03/2005 08:34

15mmmm, not looking forward to that one! remember what I was like
Dh reckons he's gona treat dd, like the guy on badboys II which we watched the other night, especially when her 'boyfriends' come around to collect her! This I cannot wait to see.....

MrsBigD · 14/03/2005 09:34

I'm dreading dd becoming a teenager (she's 3 atm going on 13 already!)... though dh will have 'chats' with the boyfrieds and probably a little chat with dd in front of bf to make sure he gets the picture a la 'face off' re 'protection'

dh can also do a very good 'red neck' impersonation which usually ensures no questions asked

weesaidie · 14/03/2005 09:41

Girls do get fairly cheeky at that age, from personal experience I'd say both myself and my two sisters could really push our luck.

That is nothing compared to my 15 yr old brother (my wee one is only 11 months!).
He was recently expelled from school (after leaving his last one just before it happened there), he smokes hash all the time, goes out far too late or gets up in the middle of the night to sneak out! Smokes, drinks, grafittis!
You name it, he has done it and my parent can't seem to stop him.
He is a real Jekyll and Hyde character, funny and charming when he wants to be, very frustrating.

Basically what I mean is don't worry I think your case is fairly normal and I have no good advice - sorry, you seemed to have the right idea.

This too will pass.

Tissy · 14/03/2005 09:47

an essay as punishment? Wierd....

sallycinnamon · 14/03/2005 20:04

Hmmm not particularly looking forward to dd getting to 15. DH says "she won't be having a boyfriend till I'm dead"

helsi · 14/03/2005 20:06

Sounds like me as a teenager (although there were no mobile phones then). It is just her age-honestly. If she is anything like me she will only be like it for a couple of years and will then start to "grow up". Answering back is what 15 year olds do best.

Catbert · 14/03/2005 20:13

Although I have two small girls, and the thoughts of sleepless nights with teething babies, toilet training, and school angst pail into insignificance when I think of future teenage years ahead of me - it is true to say you are describing every teenager out there including ourselves when we were that age...

I remember my father pinning some droll poem onto our fridge which he thought MOST amusing, which went along the lines of "Leave home now all fifteen year olds, quickly - whilst you still know everything!" and I think I zoned out after that first line, in order to make some smart-mouthed comment...

He also had a conversation with me when he explained that he understood it was hard to be 15 (or 14, or 16 - it's THAT age anyway) and it was equally hard to be a parent of a 15 year old, because he had never been a parent of a 15 year old either, and was learning as much as I was... Even through my stroppiness I understood where he was coming from, and as you can see have remembered it to this day...

BTW - I love the word "sassy" - it's fab!

biglips · 14/03/2005 20:28

ooohh! i remember when i was that age - 15, i was naughty too but mum forgiven me

helsi · 14/03/2005 21:32

I had that talk from dad to Catbert - my dad - not your dad.

lunavix · 14/03/2005 21:34

Frizbe - exactly what dp says everytime we watch BB2!

He has two best mates, who are backing him up 100% - we don't even have a dd yet...

sparklymieow · 14/03/2005 21:36

I was a terrible 15-16 year old, my parents forgave me too I remember being the most horrible teenager of all of us. And I hate myself for making my parents worry so much

Tim58 · 14/03/2005 23:24

I dont suppose she is much different from any other teen. I think its the answering back and attitude that gets to my wife but I guess thats the mark of a true teen. My wife has assigned an essay a couple of times and it generally seems pretty effective. Some of dd's teachers assign essays and even lines so my wife got the idea from them and dd's godmother who is a retired teacher.


OP posts:
tvresearcher · 15/03/2005 14:03

Dear Tim,

I was just on this site to put an ad in the 'media' section and I saw this thread. I am making a TV programme where we will be offering advice and coaching with a team of experts to parents who are at their wit's end dealing with nightmare teens. Obviously we're not assigning blame - we acknowledge that parenting is really difficult and want to work with a family to help them improve relationships.

If you do feel you'd like to find out more (no committment necessary) please give me a call on 0207 6332512 - I'll be there 'til 6. Or check out our ad in the media section!


weesaidie · 15/03/2005 18:47

Well I am already worrying about my dd and she is not yet a year old.

I didn't think I had a problem until a good (male!) friend of mine turned to me and said, 'you know when your dd is 18.... I'll be 40...?' With a leer and a wink.

Charming don't you think??

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