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about to use reuseable nappie, any advice?

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eleanorsmum · 13/03/2005 16:15

Have wanted to use these from the start but found a cheap disposable so used that instead. Now dd is moving they leak and can't afford active fit ones so thought we'd think again about reuseables. think i have decided upon all in ones with an otuer layer that is waterproof and can be shoved in the machine in one go. Would apreciate anyones thoughts on which is best and why? Thanks

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pixiefish · 13/03/2005 16:34

which make are they?

The all in ones take a while to dry.

I prefer ecobaby/motherease- hey have a look here I've posted links to loads of sites here

eleanorsmum · 13/03/2005 16:40

am thinkinh of kushies ultra or motherease all in one but have just seen tips on using tots bots with either a cotton bottoms wrap or motherease wrap. now confused as to which to try...

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LeahE · 13/03/2005 17:30

We use Tots Bots with a mixture of Motherease and Tots Bots wraps personally I don't find much to choose between the wraps but I know the Motherease wrap is supposed to be better. I love the Tots Bots nappies, though they do take a while to dry (so best if you have a tumble dryer and/or or plenty of radiators) but are sooo absorbant and we've not yet had a leak.

Kiwicath · 13/03/2005 17:42

Eleanorsmum, well done for considering cloth naps! I've never used them but believe the all in ones are very hard to dry, don't last as long and not the best at containment. Having never used them myself though, I maybe talking complete rubbish. I'm over the moon with my totbots, pastel bots and motherease one size - all with motherease wraps. Best of luck.

CarrieG · 13/03/2005 18:14

I use mostly totsbots & cotton bottom wraps - it works absolutely the best of the kinds I've tried - & everything dries pretty quickly.

Get the wraps in a generous size - we just bought 30lb+ ones as ds was then 20lb-ish but growing fast & we already had smaller ones that fitted - in fact we were able to use the cotton bottom wraps immediately, so they should hopefully do till he's toilet trained, making them easily the best value ones we've bought.

pixiefish · 13/03/2005 18:27

The kushies are a no no from everyone I've spoken to.

The motherease are ok but they do take a while to dry.

Try motherease one size with a wrap for during the day and tots bots at night.

bensmum3 · 13/03/2005 19:33

I would consider stuffables if you really want an all in one for everyday use as you can take out the stuffing to quicken the drying time. I have a couple of fuzzi bunz and minki stuffables for taking out and about and they are great, I prepare them before we go, so they are just like an all in one and I haven't had any leaks, even use them at night occasionally with extra stuffing.

humphrey · 14/03/2005 20:58

I have used the Kushies and Motherease all in ones for a year now and would agree though with lots of the comments but I was kind of stuck with them once I'd bought them I now know differently as have recently found Fuzzi Bunz stuffables as the others were leaking at night. The Kushies outer does deteriote quite quickly compared to other systems, they take ever such a long time to dry in the winter on a clothes horse in the house and are really stiff if you try to dry them on the radiator(plus this and drying them in the dryer shortens their life) they are fairly good at containment depending on the shape of your child though and how well you put them on if you let they loose layer hang out of the leg openings at all they wick easily onto the clothes, my DS can go about 4 hours in one with a fleece liner in (obviously unless she does a poo)she wriggles too much though at night and they have not managed to contain things at night which I have found the fuzzi bunz do and you can stuff those with anything you like and experiment and what works best, you could even cut up an old cotton teeshirt and stuff it inside!! and the best thing is as the layers come out they are easier to dry, terry nappies dry really quickly if you use them for stuffing and the other bonus with the Fuzzi Bunz is the inner layer is all fleece so keeping the damp away from the bum and not having the liner move around and the poo comes off quite easily. The Motherease all in one although I found easier to put on I found they don't last as long as the Kushies before leaking and the terry inside goes quite crunchy quickly and they take even longer than the Kushies to dry as all the layers are sewn together. So I would not advise these all in ones.

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