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Reusables - which brand?

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evansmummy · 13/03/2005 12:41

My ds is 3 months old and during my pregnancy I was really determined to give cloths a try. However, the reality of a newborn kind of took over and I haven't quite got round to it yet. I did buy two or three Motherease one size off ebay, but they look so huge on him that I just haven't bothered. Does anyone know which ones are the 'cutest' and most effective (I mean least leaky!)? Any advice or opinions on cloths really appreciated!!

OP posts:
pixiefish · 13/03/2005 12:58

There are loads. Try earthkind babies. Personally I love the Ecobaby that they sell. I use totsbots at night as they're really absorbent. Also have a Minki which is thick and absorbent. tHe Motherease are excelletna nd fold down to fit a newborn. The stuffie on the earthkind site is also very absorbent.

are you near any of these? Contact an advisor and you can go and see lots of differnt types. I highly recommend the motherease air wraps.

pixiefish · 13/03/2005 12:59

kittykins also excellent

squigglesmum · 13/03/2005 13:19

Tots Bots are very good at containment and are incredibly cute! They're the "fairy baby" nappy. Best used with motherease wraps though. Have a look at The Nappy Lady website for really good advice.

flamesparrow · 13/03/2005 13:20

I'm obsessed with tots bots - really cute, and no leaks!

MissGalway · 13/03/2005 13:23

another fan of ecobabys here.

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