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night training for four and a half year old

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LG · 13/03/2005 09:43

my ds is four and a half. He has been dry by day for 2 years but I don't think that we have had more than a handful of dry nighttime nappies. Should we just ditch the nappies and try to train him to go through the night? We are going away with friends for the summer and I don't want him to be teased for still being in a nappy. Are there any tips for nighttime training?

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LG · 13/03/2005 18:08

help! anyone out there?

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charlie95 · 13/03/2005 18:15

i'm here but cant really advise for that stage as we're not there yet with ds. 4 in jan. and not trained by day yet - -developmental delay. sorry. here to listen anyway. mind you i have heard of something similar to pampers care mats only for bedtime. dont know if theyre any good or if youre interested. you could also use waterproof covers for duvets and mattress. might help a bit.only other thing i know is that its recommended that children do not have a drink immediately before bedtime. but an hour or two before instead.

bunny3 · 13/03/2005 18:16

we have the same problem and recently we decided to leave his naooy off at night - the result was a very wet bed and sleepless night. Apparently children need to produce a certain hormone and until they do, it is very difficult to get them trained (the hormones limits nighttime urine production and enables them to wake up when their bladder is full). We ditched the training for a whle and ds is back to pullups. You could try the Drynight training pants, they are not really nappylike so more discreet. They fit up to 11 y/os which is quite reassuring.

Twiglett · 13/03/2005 18:17

I was happy to wait until DS was ready and was quite resigned to going on with night nappies till he was 7 or so, we never ever had dry morning nappies despite him being day dry for ages

one night he just turned around and said he didn't want to wear night-time nappies any more and that was that (we made it through the accidents and night lifting and seem to have had a clear run recently of no accidents)

Personally I'd wait till he says he wants to do it.

who would tease him when you're away??

Whizzz · 13/03/2005 18:18

All I can suggest is limit drinks before bedtime & insist on a visit to the loo before bed. I have heard of someone who used to lift their child out of bed when they were going to bed & put them on the loo but that seemed a bit drastic to me! Pampers Bed Mats are good ! And star charts for a dry bed ?

LG · 14/03/2005 13:02

thanks for the suggestions. Twiglet, I was afraid that the other children who will be with us on holiday will tease him.

OP posts:
LIZS · 14/03/2005 13:06

Does he want to be dry at night ? We waited until ds said he did, having had setbacks with day training and about 2 days before he turned 4, he was dry with only the occasional accident, usually when we are away and he is too disorientated to find the toilet in time. You may well find he decides to before the summer. Are you sure the others are out of them anyway and could you not change him into/out of pjamas in the bathroom so it is less of an issue ? Planning to wait for dd to decide for herself too.

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