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Where would I find?

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trinityrocks · 10/03/2005 20:56

Funky, cool, not babyish plates and bowls to try and make the change from in front of the t.v eating to at the kitchen table eating easier. You know like when you have to make them sleep in their own beds and you buy them a new duvet cover and such
Any ideas????????

OP posts:
Niddlynono · 10/03/2005 20:59

I read about this site although I've just tried it and there's an 'error'. They're meant to do cool Moomin crockery.

PrettyCandles · 10/03/2005 21:14

Try Urchin . You have to scroll down a good way to get to the plates.

Whizzz · 10/03/2005 21:18

or these ?

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