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Nappies in Eastenders

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MrsDoolittle · 09/03/2005 13:51

Sorry I can't help this rant.
Was anyone else annoyed that Eastenders was so dismissive of reusable nappies last night?
The suggestion was that they were too difficult to use for the poor, teenage mother.
What a load of bollox!!!

OP posts:
bonym · 09/03/2005 14:00

Know what you mean, but sadly this is probably just an accurate reflection of real life. Can you really imagine any 14 year-old girls using re-usables? Tbh it's hard enough for this 38yr old soon-to-be 2nd time mum to imagine how she's going to cope with them (although am determined to give them a go!)

kid · 09/03/2005 14:09

I remember I used to change my little sisters re-usable nappies, she is 6 years younger than me. I only stabbed her with the pin a couple of times

MrsDoolittle · 09/03/2005 19:29

Hard boym? Obviously you haven't been on here long enough. Using reusables isn't hard!! Errr totsbots aplix?
Piece of cake!

Anyone else out there gonna back me up??

OP posts:
bundle · 09/03/2005 19:33

i'd never really thought about this before and missed eastenders, but get VERY cross when soaps/dramas automatically script in bottle feeding grrrrrr

humphrey · 09/03/2005 19:53

Yeh I'm all for reusables and the all in ones are just like using a disposable except you just bung them in the washing machine every couple of days. When you get a routine it is hardly noticeable the extra effort and well worth it, they look so cute with big bums!!

lunavix · 11/03/2005 09:21

I'll back you up Mrs D

I have a mix of reusables, poppers, aplix and nippa ones and I find them all easy! And dp can do them too which proves they can't be difficult

I love my nappies

flamesparrow · 11/03/2005 09:27

I missed that!!! It would save em all money so they aren't eatin chip butties forever, and since they hardly let the mum touch the child anyway, the grandad can change em - and he's probably seen documentaries saying how great they are!!!

bonym · 11/03/2005 14:11

MrsDoolittle - I don't think actually using them is going to be hard (in fact I already have my "trial" pack of totsbots and am looking forward to trying them) - it's the washing that phases me - I can't seem to stay on top of my washing pile as it is, without having yet more to add to it!

katzguk · 11/03/2005 14:15

bundle - i was really pleased when watching the friends reruns on E4 i forgot that Racheal had breastfed plus she was shown finding it difficukt too.

lockets · 11/03/2005 14:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow · 11/03/2005 14:21

Rachel's baby looked like some scary alien with the way its head wiggled when it was feeding!!!

chipmonkey · 11/03/2005 14:22

But they can refer to it, lockets, do you remember, Judy Mallett in Corrie bfing her twins, AND she had a breast pump!

Demented · 11/03/2005 14:27

You've got to remember that nobody in EE has a washing machine, could imagine popping down to the laundrette with a bag of pooey nappies to give to Dot and Pauline for a service wash?

lockets · 11/03/2005 14:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

chipmonkey · 11/03/2005 14:29

And sorry Mrs dooLittle I hijacked your thread, I also thought it was small-minded of Eastenders but I've never found it to be the most open-minded of soaps. I'm Irish and a few years ago they implied that we're all drunks and none of us have tumble-driers!

katzguk · 11/03/2005 14:30

babies in all TV progs are rarely seen!! Corrie were going to do a realistic Teenmum story line if i rememeber correctly but the Sarah still went to school and Gail to work not sure who looked after the baby!!

flamesparrow · 11/03/2005 14:38

Ahh, but even if the Irish don't have tumble driers, they must be one step above the londoners cos you have the washing machines to get the clothes wet in the first place, or are you all washing them in streams?

You've forgotten to mention too that drug dealers and general shady characters must be black, and all wife beaters must be called Trevor!!! Wasn't he Irish in Brookie too ... you do get picked on. No idea why, I haven't met many Irish people, but the ones I have have been lovely!


lockets · 11/03/2005 14:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pixiefish · 11/03/2005 14:44

Another thing I couldn't understand was that the mother said she had no money and when she went to the shop to buy nappies she got 4 big packets. Surely if they were that skint then a small packet would have done (or was that done so that she could pay for 3 and pinch one?)

flamesparrow · 11/03/2005 14:46

Ok - they may be white, but have the thugly image still. We need Sonia as the new gangster!!!

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