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MissGalway · 04/03/2005 16:03

THis might be a daft question but bare with me please.

Lanolin is made from sheep fat right! So how do I lanolise my nice new wool nappies if I am vegan. Or am I going OTT with the vegan bit after all the wool had to come from the sheep.

Please don't laugh at my question.

OP posts:
misdee · 04/03/2005 16:06

i thought lanolin was on the wool.

MissGalway · 04/03/2005 16:10

see I knew it was a daft question. The things that go through my mind at times.

OP posts:
misdee · 04/03/2005 16:14

Lanolin is a highly refined oil derived from wool grease which is scoured (washed) from natural sheep's wool.

from here

watershipdown · 13/03/2005 22:22

sorry a little new here but have been lurking a while. does vegan mean that it is no animal products at all? are you bringing your children up the same?

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