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can you recommend a bigger comfier potty for boys?

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tab · 26/02/2005 11:49

We have ds who is 2 and 7 months and we've started to potty train. We initially bought a sit on toilet/style box potty seat (hope that makes sense) but found that ds realy didnt fit well on it and it seemed hard for him to get willy in right place. We swapped that for trad style potty from mothercare.

Potty training going fine at nursery (3days a week where he sits on a mini real toilet - refuses to sit on our toilet with mini seat at home) but he refuses to sit for any length of time or to do business on potty at home.
It does strike me that the potty is quite small in terms of the seating room and he always seems to have quite bad red marks on his bot when he does sit on it and his willie is a squeeze to fit in at the front because of the seeming lack of accommodation at the back. I just wondered if this could be part of the reason why he's reluctant to do it.

He happily wees or poos in his trousers after getting up from potty!

Has anybody noticed a similar prob and bought a different potty and from where? (sorry this is so long!)

OP posts:
skerriesmum · 26/02/2005 11:52

Unfortunately I have no advice but will be watching this thread as my 2 yr old ds sometimes will sit on the potty but then stands up and says "sore"! So maybe he catches his willy on it? Ours is from Argos, just a basic model. Let's see if anyone else has ideas!

maisystar · 26/02/2005 12:00

ds had a potty shaped like a vw beetle. it was quite gig and v sturdy. bought it from our local chemist for about £3. it was made by chicco-you could maybe google it??

oatcake · 26/02/2005 13:07

ds took it upon himself to turn his potty the other way round and he's much comfier weeing on it now...

WigWamBam · 26/02/2005 19:24

This one is big and sturdy - I only have a dd so can't make any claims as to it being better for a boy than a standard potty, but the bowl part is big, and my dd was perfectly comfortable on the seat.

popsycal · 26/02/2005 19:25

we got a boots own make one after having the same is like a silvery blue colour and seems wider than most.....

tab · 27/02/2005 11:08

Thanks for your suggestions. I have looked for the chicco one on the net but cant find one. Thanks wigwambam and popsycal - I will certainly have a look at those. You know how these things become like an obsession - to begin with it was pushchairs, then cups and beakers, now Im going mad with potties!!! At least there's mumsnet for a bit of sanity. (sanity - ha ha?!!)

OP posts:
toomanypushchairs · 27/02/2005 11:49

had the same kind of trouble with my ds1(now 7) he was a big boy for his age, wound up with a babybjorn potty, but it wasn't great and he eventually sat on the toilet. DT's both boys now on potties, bought a second bb potty but willy doesn't seem to be in right place like you said. My sister gave me one of her dd's old one's as a spare and it's perfect. It's higher up at the front. Its made by tommy tippee, and i've seen them in the shops for about £5, hope this is helpful

gingernut · 27/02/2005 12:19

We have a Mothercare potty chair for our ds, much better than traditional style ones.

tab · 27/02/2005 12:42

thanks toomanypushchairs, I had just seen a picture of a tommee tippee one on the internet and it looked as if it had a higher bit at the front. Im going shopping this afternoon. Dont know whether to take his current potty with me to compare - can I really be that keen?? Thanks gingernut. We tried a mother care potty chair initially but took it back as it just didnt fit. I think he must just have a big bottom!!

OP posts:
Harrizeb · 11/03/2005 13:18

How about sitting him on it back wards? our potty has a handle at the back and my DS uses that to steady himself when he sits down, plus you don't have to tuck his willy into the potty. Just a thought x
Good luck

MissSunshine · 11/03/2005 13:33

we had the baby bjorn, the one with the lip at the bottom so it did'nt tip over

my son had the same problem and could never seem to et comfortable but would sit or ages on this, also had high front bit

vala · 11/03/2005 13:40

Hi Tab, we have the same one as WWB linked. DS (2y8m) no problems with ?space? for both bot and willy.
In fact it?s almost too comfortable. He would sit on it all day if I?d let him.

chipmonkey · 11/03/2005 14:17

Tab, what make is the one you have?

Vornsta · 12/03/2005 23:33

We found one on a weekend away in Brighton at their big nursery store - I can't remember the name of the shop now but perhaps other mumsnetters can help? It is the longest potty I have found - same prob as Tab with my son. The name on the bottom of the potty is kindertopf 568. It is great for him, no complaints about comfiness. Hope this rather vague info helps.

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