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Hebe · 31/01/2003 12:09

I live in East London and would really like to find a GOOD, recommended homoeopath for myself and my two children.

Can anyone help?

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Frieda · 31/01/2003 14:17

Can't recommend one in your area, but have you tried \link{\ ?
We see a nice homeopath in SE22, but guess that's too far for you & I'm sure you will find a good one nearer.

Frieda · 31/01/2003 14:18

Sorry, that link didn't work & hit post by mistake. it's

tomps · 31/01/2003 21:26

I see a very nice lady in Highbury. Too far for you ?
Friend's homeopath is near Walthamstow - she would recommend.

Hebe · 01/02/2003 13:28

Frieda - thanks for the website, I'm going to have a look at that now. And yes, SE22 does sound a bit far away.

TOMPS, Highbury definately isn't too far away and I would willingly go there or Walthamstow which is quite near me (in the other direction) too.

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Batters · 01/02/2003 21:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clucks · 01/02/2003 22:51

Dear Batters

I would be grateful for the details of your SW london one, and possibly one of the vouchers if still available. Thanks.

Batters · 01/02/2003 22:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tomps · 01/02/2003 23:45

Hebe - Maria Dallow 020 7704 6900 works from Healthy Living Centre, St Paul's Road (just near Highbury tube) ... BUT she's away until march ! Will get friend's homeo details and post in next couple of days.

Hebe · 02/02/2003 09:00

Tomps - thanks for the details.

Batters - thank you too. A bit too far unless the local ones don't work out..

OP posts:
clucks · 02/02/2003 21:21


Thank you, I'll wait until I see you.

jennifersofia · 02/02/2003 21:27

Don't know if this is at all helpful, but I have a friend who is an excellent homeopath and treats my family (2 babies, myself and husband). She is very reliable, professional and qualified. She actually lives in Norfolk but comes to London occasionally to visit (I live in E1). We do any face to face consultations then and speak on the phone for other concerns. I think she would see you when she comes down if you are interested. Leave a message and I will send you her details.

ScummyMummy · 03/02/2003 08:13

Any thoughts on the research out this morning claiming that arnica is completely ineffective?! V.disappointed- I always put a bit on my boys if it looks like they might bruise and have seen loads of people on here recommend it for recovery after birth. Have we all been imagining the positive effects?

hmb · 03/02/2003 08:15

I thought that arnica is a herbal treatment, and not a homeopathic treatment? Or are they talking about a homeopathic dose of arnica?

bundle · 03/02/2003 10:33

Hebe, is it for something specific? personally, I wouldn't see anyone who wasn't also medically qualified too so got my GP to refer me to the Royal Homeopathic hospital (next to Great Ormond St Hospital) - there are other qual docs too, you can get a list from the Faculty of Homeopathy. Some GPs don't have a referral agreement with the hospital but I got mine to find out for me and was satisfied with the treatment I received - even though I'm such a sceptic that on balance I regard it as an enhanced placebo effect..but it was nice having a thorough examination/discussion with the doc I was referred to and the problem (mastitis) didn't recur.

tomps · 03/02/2003 11:47

i use arnica all the time on poor little clumsy toddler, and she never looks too bashed about. use arnica cream too. First used it after c-section, and midwives remarked on how well I was healing ... Works for me.

Batters · 03/02/2003 12:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jasper · 03/02/2003 13:27

scummymummy I welcome these reports as I am completely cynical about the claims of arnica.
Sorry, but " I put it on a bruise and it healed up really quickly" is not evidence of anything.
And don't get me started on homoeopathy.

robinw · 03/02/2003 18:55

message withdrawn

robinw · 03/02/2003 18:56

message withdrawn

robinw · 03/02/2003 18:59

message withdrawn

Chiccadum · 03/02/2003 20:12

Could I ask a really dumb question, what does a homeopath do?

jasper · 03/02/2003 20:40

Now all I need is two black eyes

tomps · 07/02/2003 00:28

Hebe - sorry it took so long - Jo Redmond, Health Works, Walthanmstow - 02085037794. Let me know how you get on.

robinw · 07/02/2003 19:48

message withdrawn

Hebe · 08/02/2003 11:40

Hi, haven't been getting much sleep recently so it has been a while since I checked this website!

TOMPS - thanks for the address in Walthamstow - will let you know how I get on if I see that homoeopath.

JENNIFERSOFIA - yes I would be interested in your homeopath based in Norfolk.

BUNDLE - although I would like to consult a homeopath specifically about my ds's current problem with eczema I would also like to see one for the general wellbeing of my family. Like you my ideal homeopath would also be a GP and at my last clinic I was lucky enough to be registered to a GP who was also qualified as a homeopath which was perfect - she was able to treat me in whichever way was appropriate at the time. Unfortunately when I moved house 4 years ago I had to leave that clinic and register locally. No-one at my current surgery is a homeopath and there aren't any others nearby. I don't know if I can get my GP to refer me to Gt Ormond Street when they think they can treat my ds's eczema with steroid cream - does anyone know if I can insist that they refer me because I want to see a homeopath? I wish more GP practises had a homeopathic doctor amongst their number.

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