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Gina Ford - interesting reading for fans...

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janh · 29/01/2003 10:27

OP posts:

janh · 29/01/2003 10:28

OP posts:

aloha · 29/01/2003 12:00

Very interesting! Also recently found out that Ferber has two children who used to share their bed when younger.


Marina · 29/01/2003 12:37

Now that is exceptionally interesting, Aloha. I don't recall him suggesting that solution in his book! Or maybe the experience drove him to write it...


zebra · 29/01/2003 13:04

"She directly relates the fact that she is an insomniac - a handy trait for a maternity nurse - to having slept in her mother's bed: she never learned to get a proper night's sleep on her own. You don't have to be Sigmund Freud to make the connection between this experience and her vocation - despite no formal training as a nurse or a nanny "

Now I am intrigued; does GF have any formal qualifications or not?

My mom brags about how I "slept thru" by 6 weeks old (putting baby rice in the bottle helped). I guess I can blame my life-long insomnia on too much boundaries?


aloha · 29/01/2003 14:50

He had his kids in the early 70s and, yes, I think he did get fed up with them sleeping with him and his wife, which is why he got interested in children's sleep. In the interview he also says that co-sleeping can work well for people if that's what they want and rather regrets being so anti!

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