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MELMIKE · 13/01/2003 19:25

Hi! anybody out there who has had a homebirth? I had a wonderful one with my first child but after 3 miscarriages and an eptopic I am now 6 months pregnant and want to have another homebirth (there is now a nearly 8 year gap and I'm 35 !!!!!!!!!) any advice HELP !!

OP posts:

oxocube · 13/01/2003 19:44

Dear MELMIKE, I had my first baby at home (7yrs ago) and my third at home (2001) when I was 35! I am a huge home birth fan, whilst appreciating its not everyone's cup of tea, and only had my second baby in a clinic because we were in Switerland at the time and I could find no one to do a home delivery. What are your concerns exactly? I found the birth (the last one) so lovely and relaxing and very speedy: my mum was here - we now live in Holland - and cut the cord; our other two kids were woken up by my d.h. within minutes of our baby being born and held him, and ...oh I could go on and on.

I know its not for everyone, and I also had miscarriages and bleeding in pregnancy etc. but for me it is so comforting and 'safe' to have my babies at home. I'm sure Mears will add to this thread, as will other medical mums, but I just wanted a little rave and to give you support. If you feel homebirth is right for you again, go for it! Loads of luck. xxx


EmmaTMG · 13/01/2003 20:46

I had a homebirth 18 months ago which was NOT the plan. Cutting a long story short, I just didn't make it to hospital due to my DS2 coming very fast. DS1 took about 30 hours on total so it was all abit of a shock.
However if I was ever to have another baby I would seriously concider another homebirth for exactly the same reasons that oxocube posted.
Prior to my homebirth I was really against the idea, mainly thinking of the mess it would make, but even with an unplanned birth at home the 'tidy up' wasn't too bad.


soyabean · 13/01/2003 21:16

Dear Melmike
Have you found a midwife? I guess that is the key. If you can find one/a team that are happy to try a homebirth, knowing any possible medical problems/history, then I wd say go for it. (I dont know if yoir experience of miscarriage/ectopic affects childbirth directly)If they are not confident, then you could try elsewhere maybe, but that depends where you are. I had my third at home, I was 36. My first took 24+ hours, second 3 hrs (both in hospital) and I felt more confident abt being at home3rd time, also wanted them to be able to see the baby early on and was concerned that even if i tried to get to hospitalai might not make it, if the third was speedier that the first 2. He came in 15 minutes, and the midwife was standing on the doorstep, and was later sent a speeding ticket! It was great, but I was v glad she was there to check the baby. My other 2 children came in after a couple of minutes and saw him still on the cord. Really it was fantastic, but we do live v near the hospital so i felt confident that we cd get there in time if necessary.
I hope that you find midwives who can support you.


WideWebWitch · 13/01/2003 22:42

Hi Melmike, I had a home birth too with my ds, who's now 5, and I think I'd do it again if I ever have another, it was great. If you're in the UK it's your legal right to have a home birth (I think, used to be anyway, unless the law has changed) but you may still come up against some opposition. Although from experience and from talking to friends I'd say midwives in general seem to be very supportive of home birth. AIMS (Assoc. for improvement in maternity services) might be helpful if you have specific questions. Or ask more here, I'm sure someone will be able to help. I have a book called Home Birth by Nicky Wesson (I think) which was useful at the time, I'll see if I can find details for you.


jasper · 13/01/2003 22:47

Pupuce, where are you??
(Melmike Pupuce has had two)


WideWebWitch · 13/01/2003 22:53

Melmike, The AIMS website is here Had a quick look and there seems to be quite a bit about supporting home birth. Or, you could try the NCT Here although I couldn't see anything about home birth there. The Nicky Wesson book is limited availability on amazon but there were a few others there on home birth. They all seemed quite old too though!


SueW · 14/01/2003 00:20

Homebirth UK is a great site.

Angela Horn, who runs it, is the Homebirth co-ordinator or something for NCT. Can't remember what her exact title is. I'm sure you will find all the info, research and encouragement you need. She's just had another home water birth, on 29 Dec 2002.

You could also join the homebirthuk email list at, yahoogroups .

Good luck.


pupuce · 14/01/2003 13:15

Melmike and others.... I do not see why Melmike would have any difficulty getting a homebirth. (I had 2 as Jasper said and I had no problem getting them).
Melmike - have you talked to your midwife about it? What was her reaction?


Katherine · 16/01/2003 13:55

It was actually my MW who suggested Homebirth after listening to me fetting about a quick birth for ages. It wasn't that long before I was due. They brought me all the stuff round and said they wouldn't mention it to the GP unless they had to as the GP was less keen but the MWs were very expereinced. In the end all went well. Much better than the horrible dash to hospital I epxereinced first time. IMO it is better to have a safe delevery at home than risk giving birth in the back of a car in the middle of no-where. I know it isn't everybodys thing but that was my biggest concern and it was a trully magical expereince. All happened in 1hr20 mins so not sure I would have made it to hospital. My fears were well-founded and the MWs were great.


susanmt · 16/01/2003 14:16

I would have loved a homebirth but as I live 25 miles from the nearest hospital I couldn't get a MW or Doc to cover the birth (didn;t try very hard as dh didn't like the idea much either)
A good friend of mine who lives closer to town had a homebirth booked, everything ready etc, but when she went into labour had a funny feeling about the whole thing and decided to go to hospital anyway. She had a postpartum haemmorage in which she lost HALF her blood volume, and would have died if she hadn't been there (it was touch and go as it was). This was after 2 uncomplicated hospital deliveries for her previous children, so she thought she was safe. Her advice : if you are in ANY doubt, go in!


jennifersofia · 02/02/2003 20:42

Had homebirth with both my two and cannot recommend it enough IF you are comfortable with the idea. Talk to your m/w, as everyone advises. Good luck.

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