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first day at school - why do i feel like crying

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jinna · 07/01/2003 13:18

my son has just started school today - he is o.k. but i feel like crying and i miss him - i thought i would be grateful of the time because i have a 7month aswell but infact i am far from it - is this normal!!!
only 2 hours to go and i can pick him up - thank God

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bossykate · 09/01/2003 21:51

oh dear, batters. i'm sure things will improve. all the best.

jinna · 10/01/2003 09:49

my son didn't want to go to school today - i some how persuaded him and in the end he went - but he is coming home for lunch - however i was hoping to go back to work now that he was in scholl - how can i encourage him to go back to lunch at school-
he won't have packed lunch because he doesn't like bread and so won't have sandwhichs - any ideas for alternative lunches - with no bread

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