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parent and toddler groups

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anais · 12/12/2002 22:34

I have learnt today that the toddler group we go to is to close. I have been considering the option of starting my own for ages, but I guess this has prompted me to think about it more seriously.

My ds is now 4 so soon to grow out of a toddler group, but I am planning to HE, so I am torn between a M+T group and an HE group (as yet I have no idea what the demand would be for either). Basically I have no idea what I'm doing, HELP! Does anyone have any experience/thoughts/ideas/advice???? Pretty please!

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anais · 13/12/2002 22:26

Come on, surely someone must have something to say on the matter????

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clucks · 13/12/2002 22:32

Ok, I didn't know what HE group means, so didn't want to seem stupid.


bossykate · 13/12/2002 22:39

HE - home educate?

anais, i think the site has been down most of this afternoon and evening, at least i have had trouble getting in...

no advice to offer, i'm afraid, will be looking at the replies with interest.


clucks · 13/12/2002 22:48

Right, now I know, I have lots of second hand info.

You must be dead organised to do home educating so do start the group. A new friend of mine has just inherited a m & t group threatened with closure and is excited and worried at the same time. She has asked the previous organiser to stay on for a few weeks to show her the ropes and plans to buy new carpet and toys etc. She is rather shy and worries about approaching people but so far things seem to be going well.

Don't know if that is helpful, but its all I know. and I had difficulty getting onto this site today.


anais · 13/12/2002 22:59

Yeah, I had probs getting on tonight too, thought it was just me, crap comp.

Organised???? Lol, not much but then I am only just starting!

Thanks for your input, I want to hear anything remotely related, because I really have no idea what I'm getting into!

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susanmt · 14/12/2002 00:55

anais - have you looked at - a HE website for the early years which also has a yahoo group. I am part of it and it is great (we will probably be in deepest darkest central America all going to plan by the time dd is of school age so I am getting info early!!


Jane101 · 14/12/2002 14:52

I started a Mums and Babies group when my son was 6 months old, because I was absolutely desparate for something to do with him. This was totally out of character because I am a real introvert so I can understand how clucks' friend feels. 18 months later, it is still going really well and has a mix of new babies and toddlers. I worried about it a lot first, but it was pretty easy really. I had the support of several people from my postnatal group, so I knew that at least they would come, and I was lucky enough to be able to use a room in my church for free. One of my friends lent a load of toys that her baby had grown out of. There isn't a lot of organising involved - I just have to get there on time (easier said than done) and open up the room and buy a bottle of milk on the way. People volunteer to bring along tea bags and biscuits. I also put a notice up on the village notice board, and print leaflets for the HV to give out. The only real problems we've had is that it is very easy for new people to feel a bit left out when they come for the first time and everyone else seems to know each other. We do get people who come once and then never turn up again, but I make a real effort to say hello to new people and introduce them to the others. Although we only meet once a fortnight, it has been a good way to get to know people and I'm really glad I did it.


anais · 14/12/2002 21:01

SusanMT, I'm on MudPud too, post as Jenny2998, what's your list name? It's great isn't it?

Jane101, thanks, this is the kind of thing I need to hear. Socially I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, tho I'm getting better!

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PamT · 15/12/2002 09:24

I used to be treasurer to our local group and spent some time working on the setting up of my current group, for which I am not a committee member. Both groups have had links with churches and have used church accommodation but the current one is also run by church members and doesn't rely on mums volunteering to help with the running.

The other one was insured through the Pre school learning Alliance (PLA) who I understand can be a valuable source of information. I'm not sure if everything is arranged through the church for the new group. There are various safety regulations which have to be complied with and the fire service may need to inspect too.

I would go to the PLA and your local authority's early years service to pick up more information, both should be helpful.


Jimjams · 15/12/2002 10:46

Where are you? I want to start a mother and toddler/HE group in the near future. If you're SW England let me know!


Jimjams · 15/12/2002 10:47

I'm on mudpud too!


anais · 15/12/2002 20:49

What a small world, nice to see some fellow MudPudders. I'm in SE, near Gatwick, unfortunately.

OP posts:

PamT · 15/12/2002 21:41

Not on Mudpud but I do UKP and have seen your name on there too I think!


Jimjams · 15/12/2002 21:45

pity anais- I've just moved from Bromley!


anais · 15/12/2002 22:34

Yep, I do UKP,(occasionally) too! Prefer it here though

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