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The ultimate answer to subduing the wee monsters?

20 replies

ScummyMummy · 07/12/2002 15:10

Look here!

Is she mad?!

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 07/12/2002 15:14

This can't be real surely?!! Mind you there are days when this would come in handy


lou33 · 07/12/2002 15:20

Rofl, I think I'll add that to my Christmas wish list


bossykate · 07/12/2002 15:45

this must be a spoof story, surely! it's like something out of the onion!


emsiewill · 07/12/2002 16:33

This reads like something out of Viz.


Marina · 07/12/2002 19:39

Or the Private Eye Christmas mart.
Two things spring to mind:

  • Remember who posted this link
  • And does this Andrea Brown have anything to do with the nursery in Cumbria that won't let parents anywhere near the children?

anais · 07/12/2002 20:00

This is sick


janh · 07/12/2002 20:10

No, anais, it's a spoof. Didn't you go to the link off the link?
(It's American too - read the "dialogue".)


janh · 07/12/2002 20:15

I mean this (English people don't talk like this - even in Cumbria!):

< Strap Down Your Bratty Kids With: Toddler Straitjackets

"Liam was into everything and he just wouldn't mind me," Andrea recalls. "One night, after a particularly bad day, I told my husband I'd had it. I said, 'The only way that kid's going to keep his hands to himself is with a straitjacket.' Then I thought, 'Why not?' "

"We got a lot of stares at first when I'd take Liam in his straitjacket to the park,">


SoupDragon · 07/12/2002 22:07

I don't think the phrase "he just wouldn't mind me" is an English one at all. Definitely US in my opinion.


SofiaAmes · 07/12/2002 22:30

I don't think us americans use the word "mind" in that context...but i've been here too long and had 2 pregnancies so who knows what's real. I wonder if they do a large version for husbands.


robinw · 07/12/2002 22:37

message withdrawn


anais · 08/12/2002 12:36

No I didn't JanH.


janh · 08/12/2002 12:50

never mind, love!


Chinchilla · 08/12/2002 16:05

RobinW - who did you have in mind? Sounds a bit like you don't like being here


SueDonim · 08/12/2002 16:13

Hehehe! I did have a friend who used to zip her son into his coat with his arms inside instead of through the sleeves, to stop him from being a PITA in shops.


minimee · 08/12/2002 16:49

Its nice to see you displaying such Christian attitudes RobinW.


Sps · 08/12/2002 19:11

Oh my goodness i cant believe anyone would entertain that idea. That must be so distressing to a child.



Tinker · 08/12/2002 19:37

Until I read this thread, I thought it was about kids who p* everywhere


Batters · 09/12/2002 12:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prufrock · 10/12/2002 08:55

This story made it into the Independant On Sunday. They didn't seem to realise it was a spoof either!

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