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a good news story about boys!

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philly · 04/12/2002 13:42

As a mother of boys I am well aware how we often seem to be posting worries about them etc so thought I would just share a really uplifting experience from last night.It was our local Cubs "presentation evening" in the village hall,20 boys aged 8 to 10 had each prepared a performance with no help from their leaders,there were musical instruments played ,poems recited,puppet shows,demonstartions (Blue Peter style)and 5 had even got together and written a play complete with costumes and props!What really struck me is how in this day and age we are always worrying about boys performance at school,violence etc but this little evening really demonstrated all the good things,there was lots of laughter but no silliness or mocking and a great deal of mutual back slapping and support
and pride in themselves at the end.No one could have left that hall without a warm feeling inside
And I know that my DS aged9 will not forget his first experience if being on his own on thta stage and the sense of achievement it gave him.

I am sure this could equally well have been written about girls but as the mother of boys and as a boys event although there were lots of girls in the audience I felt moved to share the experience as I do sometimes feel that they get a bad press!

OP posts:

bundle · 04/12/2002 13:50

philly, you're right about boys, we often expect the worst especially if there are lots of them together! last week in the sandpit my dd (aged 2) made friends with a much older boy, probably about 9 or 10 who very cheerfully played 'teatime' with her in the freezing cold for 15 was really uplifting that he obviously enjoyed her company and she his


aloha · 04/12/2002 14:23

I LIKE boys! Now I have a son, I realise how much things have changed and how once female qualities weren't valued at all, now it does seem to be the other way round. I remember when I was diagnosed with placenta praevia and also found out he was a boy at around 16 weeks and the midwife said, 'oh a boy, causing trouble already.' My dh and I were both quite upset by such a stupid, insensitive comment. He wasn't even born! I keep saying, Shakespeare was a boy, Albert Einstein was a boy, all my favourite paintings, most of my favourite books and my favourite music was all created by males. I liked hearing your story Philly. It sounds a lovely evening - so sweet!


Lindy · 04/12/2002 14:37

I loved your posting Philly, I was a cub scout leader myself for many years (well before having my own DS) & it gave me so much pleasure, I hope to go back to it when DS joins cubs,(if I'm not too old & knackered by then!) but I must admit that running a cub pack was a lot easier than looking after one lively toddler!!!


Jane101 · 04/12/2002 16:45

I like boys too and was secretly pleased when I found out I was expecting one. I probably shouldn't generalise, but I think they can be more affectionate and cuddly than girls. Mine's just so cute! (sorry, but he is).


LiamsMum · 04/12/2002 23:26

I also get lots of hugs & kisses from my little one (28 months) and he's got such a lovely, happy personality. We are getting a lot of joy and fun out of him at the moment.


SnoobyKat · 05/12/2002 05:47

My vote goes to the boys too. Of course, I'm totally biased but I couldn't ask for a lovelier baby than my blue-eyed blond DS. Don't care about the rest of em who all wanted me to have a girl (especially MIL)! Hope my DS gets the same opportunity as yours Philly. Lovely thread.


SueDonim · 05/12/2002 07:57

Boys are great - I've got two of them. Girls are great, also - I've two of them as well!


genia · 05/12/2002 11:13

I really wanted a girl and when I found out we were having a boy when I had my amnio it took a while to get used to the idea. To the point that I didn't want to tell any relatives it was a boy in case anybody dared to say "oh good" in that kind of male chauvinistic "it's good to have a boy first" kind of way. Now that he is here I realise I didn't understand anything about anything, certainly not what a god's gift of a little creature we were going to be graced with... He is absolutely lovely (and now one).


Bozza · 05/12/2002 11:24

I can relate to that Genia. We didn't find out what we were having but my MIL was convinced that it would be a boy and kept referring to "he" in the chauvinistic way you describe. Obviously if I have another she will be expecting a girl so I will be sufficiently pedantic as to want a boy. Of course, I know really that I would fall in love with any baby and DS is brilliant - goes without saying....


Marina · 05/12/2002 13:11

Philly, what a lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us. You must have been so proud, and the Akela and helpers should be too!
I love the way my son can switch in the twinkle of an eye from zapping us with his pan-galactic gargleblaster, built from Brio Builder because of course we don't have guns in the house, to tucking up his baby doll with real tenderness.

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