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Potty training & days out!

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Cm17 · 27/07/2023 18:10

Hi all,
LO has started potty training this past week and has so far done brilliantly at home & at the childminders.

Just curious what do you do for days out at this point of training?

Obviously I want to avoid putting a nappy on in the day now as she's done so well but I'm slightly worried about her needing a wee/poop when we're not near a toilet..

FTM here so any suggestions be great! Someone did mention about bringing the potty out with us??

Thanks 😁

OP posts:
Tryingtoconceivenumber2 · 27/07/2023 18:12

We bought a 'my carry potty' it's been brilliant especially the first few weeks but we still take it on long car journeys in case she gets caught short x

MrsSamR · 27/07/2023 18:15

I second the My Carry Potty!

Bluestoat · 27/07/2023 18:15

Yep. Carry potty. They can go on it then you fold it back together like a little briefcase and dispose of the contents later. Dd had a wee in the cider aisle of Asda the other day. Always remember when it’s been used and don’t forget it in the car for a couple days.

YallaYallaaa · 27/07/2023 18:28

Dd had a wee in the cider aisle of Asda the other day.

That’s revolting.

I also recommend a travel potty, but only for use in appropriate places!

toddlermum27 · 27/07/2023 18:30

Also when poos are more consistent I recommend the whizzer - just for wees but so much more portable/ discreet than a carry potty.

strongcupofTea · 27/07/2023 18:32

Just bring a potty with you and keep asking them if they need to use it. Also bring spare clothes. The less fuss you make and the more you keep up with your usual routine the quicker they'll learn. People make the mistake of staying in with trousers off all week, but then forget they still need to learn to stay dry when out the house.

TropicalTrama · 27/07/2023 18:34

This is why I got mine using the toilet ASAP! Then I have a folding toddler toilet seat (fits in a normal handbag) and initially we found a toilet every hour, then 2 hours once I knew they can handle it based on frequency at home. Haven’t had any accidents. I don’t like the idea of teaching them to go anywhere anytime tbh and can’t be arsed carrying a whole potty and then its contents around with me!

Astromelia · 27/07/2023 18:36

Took them to the loo if nearby, or took a disposable travel potty. They’re by hippychick and are very good.

We only needed to use it a couple of times, we avoided long trips for the first couple of weeks.

AlltheFs · 27/07/2023 18:36

Carry potty and folding toilet seat should go
with you at all times. Along with a million spare pairs of pants. This is your new life now 😂
We never put nappies back on but prompt for wees before going anywhere, when you arrive etc. There’s nothing worse than when you are mid way round the supermarket and at the furthest point from the toilets.

5childrenand · 27/07/2023 18:39

Getting your child to wee in Sainsbury’s is disgusting and unnecessary. Yesterday we saw a family standing round their toddler on a potty right in the doorway of an ice cream shop. The child was pooing whilst eating an ice cream ffs. It is not needed with a bit of careful planning.

Both my dc trained without us ever needing to take a potty anywhere (and they were little by current standards - 1 was 26 months & the other 22 months). Know where the loos are, take them regularly (at least every 30 mins to start) and have spare clothes with you just in case. ‘Travel wees’ ie a wee before you go on a journey / leave the house are non negotiable. It’s really not as bad as all that and does not require encouraging your child to use a potty somewhere antisocial like the supermarket.

TropicalTrama · 27/07/2023 18:44

Yes wee before you leave the house, wee as soon as you arrive, then again as frequently as your child needs based on needs at home (if very newly trained I would do 30 minutes to be safe), then always again before leaving.

Never used bribery at home but I keep smarties in my handbag and anything produced in a public toilet gets one, so DS is incentivised!!

Also fair enough if they prefer the small potty, whatever works, but please use it somewhere appropriate ie the toilets in Asda not in the middle of an aisle 🤢

HollyBookBlue · 27/07/2023 18:47

Carry potty... But money saving tip... Don't buy their liners. Use a cheap thick sanitary towel stuck in the bottom of a small bin liner

Bibbitybobbitty · 27/07/2023 18:50

Carry a potty with you but make use of the toilets in supermarkets, cafes, libraries etc. No need to use a potty in a supermarket!!!

Callisto1 · 27/07/2023 18:55

There is only so much wee a little child can make. If you take them to the loo before you leave the house and then every hour or so on an outing you should be fine. Take some spare bottoms, wipes and bags. Part of the process is making mistakes and learning to hold it in and recognize when they need the loo. My two only had a few accidents after the first week. It never occurred to me to have a portable toilet. Eldest was trained before she was 2.5, younger one at 3.

Topjoe19 · 27/07/2023 21:09

I have a folding potty which you line with a bag, or you can use it on a toilet seat to make it smaller. Oxo tot. It's been amazing!! Useful for when you're out & not near a toilet.

oodles50 · 27/07/2023 21:47

My DD is 23 months and we have potty trained in the last few weeks. Like others said I make her use the pot before we leave the house and I take it with me in a carrier bag. When we get to where we’re going I’ll take her into the toilet and see if she wants to go. It’s a bit easier now I know she can hold it for longer.

We did have the first soft play outing last week post potty trained that I was worried about, but as soon as she start indicating she needed to go I just took her into the toilets to use the pot. I’ll be glad when she’s a bit bigger and it’s easier to use the toilet!

Even though I take the pot with me I do get her to use it in a toilet so she understands to hold it until she gets to somewhere she can go.

amidsummernightsdream · 27/07/2023 21:51

Travel potty for emergencies if we’re not near a toilet.
Also I just make sure I have multiple changed of clothes just in case.
We’ve had few poos in knickers when we’ve been out in cafes/ library as she’s been distractratctued but I make sure Im prepared then its just a quick clean up in the nearest loo and then on with the day

Caterina99 · 27/07/2023 22:31

If we’re going somewhere with a toilet (supermarket, soft play, library etc) then just make sure to remind them and use it frequently.

If we’re going somewhere with no toilet (playground, woods, beach, anywhere at all during covid!) then a travel potty was super helpful.

I’d hold off on big days out etc until they’re more reliable.

Always take spare clothes!

mummybear247 · 27/07/2023 22:39
mummybear247 · 27/07/2023 22:40

I found the one above a life saver wen out with my dd

SliceOfCakeCupOfTea · 27/07/2023 22:43

I had a cheap potty in a tote bag along with some dettol wipes. Came everywhere with us for about a month after potty training.

Aria2015 · 27/07/2023 22:43

I got a great collapsible potty and it fits in a (biggish) handbag. I just took that with us and then when I saw opportunities to discreetly pop her on I did. In the early days I was doing a potty attempt every 30-40 minutes. Also take lots of spare clothes and cover the car seat in something!


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WandaWonder · 27/07/2023 22:50

I just took my child to the toilet when they wanted to go I didn't potty train as such just went with what my child wanted

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