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Baby toys

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wfcats · 08/07/2023 12:08

My 7 month old LOVES the Tomy hide and squeak eggs, and stacking cups, but I'm struggling to find any other toys that she seems really interested in for more than 30 seconds. I'm trying to encourage a bit more independent time for her and would really appreciate any recommendations!

OP posts:
noglow · 08/07/2023 12:11

I opened this and was about to recommend the tommee tippee eggs!

Have a look at Rosa and Bo nesting babies (they do animals too) they are like plastic Russian dolls and they have holes in the bottom too so when they get to test stage they can play with them in the bath.

gg45 · 08/07/2023 12:11

Try the Lovevery boxes- they are brilliant, age appropriate and really encourage open ended play. They are expensive BUT

  • they arr really the only toys we use now
  • there is a flourishing 2nd hand market/fan club for them on Facebook. So you can either buy them second hand initially or resell easily.
  • they really are higher quality than alternatives
noglow · 08/07/2023 12:11

Also a set of balls with different textures on

UnravellingTheWorld · 08/07/2023 15:12

Purchased from Amazon. It's from 3 months and over, but my 2 yo still loves it!!

It has 3 modes - keyboard, colours, and animals. It also plays certain music

Baby toys
TinyTeacher · 08/07/2023 15:23

Stacking rings

Blocks (soft ones probably best at this age, I loved the Galt ones as they are nice and firm and keep their shape well)

Noah's ark with lots of wooden animals

Sensory toys - I used to have lots of different scarves/scraps of fabric and I'd stuff them in a tissue box so DC could pull them out the top one by one.

Balls. Different colours/textures. Flashy light ones are a winner.

A couple of basic noise makers - T ambourines, different shakers and some small (but tough!!!) Drums.

Keep things on rotation so they don't get bored of one thing. Personally we have a couple of boxes. Box comes out, play with contents of box. Chuck it all back in box when finished. Swap box when desired. You want tidying up to be eeeeeeeaaaasy.

wfcats · 08/07/2023 19:01

This is so so helpful, thank you all! Lots of great recommendations here - I'll order some balls and some soft cubes now and have a look into Lovery and the stacking dolls.

Great tip re the boxes as well, thanks! At the moment we have one big box and I'm forever piling things back into it.

This age is so tricky I think as they want to be doing everything themselves but aren't quite able to yet!

OP posts:
unhappysparkle · 08/07/2023 19:17

Crinkly material books to feel and wave around
Musical and light up toys - leapfrog do a good selection

noglow · 08/07/2023 19:33

Also wooden kitchens spoons!

gg45 · 08/07/2023 19:36

I've found it really helps concentration to only have 4/5 toys out at a time and have the space really uncluttered. Look up Montessori method re room design and you will see what I mean.

parentingaspetcs · 11/07/2023 23:23

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Tiredjoanna · 12/07/2023 13:03

Anything from baby Einstein range, those toys keep my baby occupied for ages and he's learning new skills at same time. Brilliant

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