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Making Christmas fun and special

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Maki · 19/11/2002 15:21

This Christmas will be the first Christmas as a single parent. I would like to make it as special as possible for my DS (2) and I. I have no family and having moved away from all my close friends to be with my ex-husband, it will be the two of us. I would like to make this a fun and special Christmas for us as a family, and was wondering whether anyone has suggestions for safe and fun things to do on Christmas day?... other than open pressies and stuf our faces? I am loathe to have the TV on for most of the day.

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Tillysmummy · 19/11/2002 15:24

How about playing some games Maki ? Is he still too young ? Maybe go for a nice long walk and to a local park ? What does DS like doing ?


SoupDragon · 19/11/2002 15:26

Make and decorate Christmas stars? Lots of glittery things, lots of glue, lots of mess. 2 may be a bit young I guess.


aloha · 19/11/2002 17:09

I agree, do whatever makes you both happy all year round. Eat things you love, maybe go and see some lights, go to the park where you may see other mums and kids who are trying out new bikes etc. Get yourself something lovely to eat in the evening and some wine and a video of your favourite movie for when ds is in bed. If you are religious or maybe even if you are not, the Christmas morning service at your local church (pick a traditional one!) will probably have candles and lights and flowers and music and carols which your ds may love (& there will be other children there which will interest him and be noisy with him! And there may be something after like coffee & mince pies- not sure as haven't been to Church for a long time except for stepdaughter's fab school Xmas concert. Does ds like films. Maybe a video for him too.


aloha · 19/11/2002 17:11

There may be some organised Xmas day events on too, if you get the local paper. What will your ex be doing? Will he visit your ds on the day?


Lindy · 19/11/2002 17:33

Would echo alhoa's comments, do check out your local Church services, most will have a child friendly one on Christmas day - our's is being called 'Jesus' Birthday Celebration' & is aimed entirely at the children (all five that attend regularly!!).

Wrap up warm & have a lovely long walk as well, we are planning to go to the beach on Christmas day!


janh · 19/11/2002 17:52

Maki, do you know anybody else in the same position as you? If you could get together with another single mum it could make the day much more fun for the children and less of a worry for the mums...

Some churches have a "Christingle" service where all the children get an orange with a candle in it + ribbon round and sweets stuck in, all very symbolic though I forget what they mean - you would have to go with him to get it and be careful as he holds it but they are lovely services. (I think that would be on the Sunday before Christmas though.)

Are you having a tree? You could save decorating that until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - just a small one that he could help with. Hope you both have a lovely day whatever you do.


Maki · 22/11/2002 14:51

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

Tillysmummy, ds has just turned 2, and currenty his favourite game is sitting on top of my back whilst I make like an elephant!! No doubt I'll be doing that at some point during the day. We end up on the floor in hysterics, as his laughter is quite infectious!

I love the idea of decorating the tree together, so I'll save that for Christmas Eve (except for the fairy lights of course), and have looked into family service at Church.

Thanks once again for all your help everyone, suddenly I find I'm looking forward to Christmas! :-)

OP posts:

aloha · 22/11/2002 15:31

Is he excited about Father Christmas yet? If so you might want to read The Night Before Christmas to him and put out milk and mince pies for FC and a carrot for the reindeer.


Maki · 25/11/2002 12:22

Hi aloha,
I'm still trying to wean him off his birthday - 2 weeks later, and he still asks for 'more birss-day'!!! He's only just turned 2, so this year is his introduction to the reality of birthdays and Christmas!!! He loves our story time, and I think that would be a lovely story to read to him. Even to remind me what it is like to be young and full of dreams!
What sort of things do you do for Christmas? I have an awful feeling next year is going to be very expensive!!!

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