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Bedwetting Alarm has worked...can't believe it!!!!!!

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TillyBracken · 19/02/2008 15:01

DD is 9 years old and has consistantly wet her bed 2 or 3 times a night, every night, forever. Have tried everything (enurisis clinic, clip on bedwetting alarms, hypnosis, ignoring it, etc...) and was about to give up when I noticed new product on line - the Rodger Bedwetting Alarm. V. expensive, but at the end of my rope, so bought it. Can't quite believe has worked!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to offer ray of hope for any other mums out there at the end of their ropes.

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CarGirl · 19/02/2008 15:11

why do you think your dd wetted the bed still, is she a deep sleeper? My dd has a 50/50 success rate but always wets if she is unwell or tired and I'm sure it's because she is such a deep sleeper.

TillyBracken · 19/02/2008 20:25

She is a deep sleeper and has recurrent UTI's. Definitely the deep sleeping has been the issue though. This is the only bed alarm that has actually woken her up enough to actually stand up and walk to the loo.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 20/02/2008 21:15

LOL - yes I know about the being so asleep still that she can't stand up - the other day I took her pillow & duvet away and was still shaking and calling her to try and wake her up! I shall give her a few more years before I go down the alarm route though as she is only 5.5 at the moment!

keepcalmandcarryon · 25/02/2008 12:17

Tilly I am just thinking of buying one of these alarms for DS who is 8.5 - any practical tips about the process of using it?

MrsBoo · 25/02/2008 12:22

My DS (8) has just been offered the ordinary alarm, from the eneuris clinic.
We have used it for 3 weeks, wakens him, but he hasn't managed to get to the loo on all occasions yet. So still wet PJS, and a few wet beds. I think its progress, but am interested in this other one - tell us more about it, and how it works please

TillyBracken · 12/04/2008 12:31

Sorry, have been overseas for a little while. The Rodger alarm comes as 2 pairs of thick cotton pants which have moisture sensors sewn into the gusset. You put a pair on the child, then velcro onto the front this little transmitter. No wires. The receiver plugs into a wall socket, switch on and you're done. As soon as the child starts to wee, the alarm starts to beep. Very loud = v.good for deep sleepers. Then you press button on receiver to switch off which resets receiver, child gets up to go to loo, change pants, put little transmitter onto clean pants. Back to bed. And that's it. Bacause dd was wetting so many times a night, I bought 2 extra pairs of pants. The ones we got were a very boyish blue colour, but dd not too bothered. Dry after about 10 - 12 days, which is pretty unbelieveable considering old alarm with wires, pads, pinned to nightie was used for about 6 months with no success. Top tip would be to let your child turn alarm off/change pants themselves, and to put pants to change into next to the loo. I think this may be why this alarm worked, as the other alarm needed me to switch off, unpin, take sensor out pad, put in new pad, stick to new get the picture - DD was still half asleep. New alarm required dd to wake right up so she could change herself. Best of luck to all who are trying and if Rodger are reading this, pink pants for girls would be good.

OP posts:
MrsBoo · 21/04/2008 13:21

TB, thanks for update on the Rodger alarm - i think the alarm we got from our clinic is a cross between the 2. It only has a tiny sensor which fits between 2 pairs of DS pants. He hated wearing the dam thing, which probably helped in the success.
He has been reliably dry now for about 6 weeks i think. No alarm now for 4 weeks, and no accidents.
The main thing for us, was to allow plenty to drink - but NO milk after supper time.
DS loves milk, so we have to drink it early in the day instead.

snorlax · 22/04/2008 17:51

When I was a child I was a bedwetter. I was taken to hospital for tests, not given anything to drink aft 6pm, mum woke me to go to the loo before she went to bed, nothing worked.

At the age of 10 I stopped. Given that I have also suffered with a number of 'nervous' complaints over the years, alopaecia, asthmatics, nail biter etc.

Perhaps the problem is not physical?

momsense · 02/08/2010 20:41

You could try these waterproof underwear, and get several waterproof sheet protectors to minimize the laundry.
If you decided to try a bedwetting alarm, get the childrens book, Prince Bravery and Grace - Attack of the Wet Knights its really clever, kids love it and it helps children understand and makes the whole process more kid friendly

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