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Struggling with 2nd child

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SassyPants87 · 25/01/2023 18:06

DS is currently 13 weeks and we’ve just had continual feeding problems from the offset. Tongue tie being snipped (twice!), faltering growth on breast milk, bottle refusal, finally accepted bottles then developed reflux, now has suspected CMPA.

I feel floored!! I’m on day 4 of ZERO sleep, he screams constantly! I’m trying to console him as much as I can, hold him to sleep all the time. But I find myself dreading when he wakes up and having anxiety over giving a bottle not knowing how he will take it.

I also hate to admit this but I feel resentful towards him sometimes because I feel like he’s taking up all of my time and I miss my toddler :(

when does is get easier! How can I cope?

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