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Best toys for 6 month old?

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trrk · 27/10/2022 11:37

My DD will be 6 months at Xmas and I was looking for sone ideas of what to get her for her first Xmas. I guess she is too young to appreciate Xmas as being different to any other day but feels weird not to get anything too. What does your 6 month old enjoy playing with? Are there any baby items that you consider must haves from 6 months on that I might not have thought about?


This thread is a little old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for the top baby toys, we’ve recently updated our best baby toys page with lots of great options for your baby's first year, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
MBK456 · 27/10/2022 11:56

Also interested to hear responses as my little boy is currently 6 months

His favourite things at the moment are anything musical; particularly little mini maracas which he can easily hold himself.

This little lion is a huge hit: and currently down to £15 on Amazon.

As much as they're a big old massive bit of plastic... he also really likes his jumparoo just now.

Aside from that, anything which is easy to chew it such in goes down really well Smile

LemonSwan · 27/10/2022 12:02

Omg my boy loves the jumperoo!

Has also taken a big interest in the musical things like PP.

Have heard the table top spinners so will invest in some of those.

LemonSwan · 27/10/2022 12:04

I would add the weaning / practical stuff to the Xmas list too. Have just purchased and it’s quite a lot when you add it up.

suction plates/ bowls, cutlery and cups
catchy or splash mat
silicone portion freezer trays - ridiculously expensive!
steamer / blender etc if you want to do own purees
bumbo or floor seat
Etc. Etc.

Mouscadoo · 27/10/2022 12:18

At this age they mostly like anything they can chew on, Sophie the giraffe, shape sorter, vtech crawl and learn ball is good, bath toys, board books! Just added a few links

This one
Play telephone
Sensory set

PuddingBear · 27/10/2022 12:20

The v-tech learn to crawl ball is fab - really helped my little girl because she wanted to follow it 😅

xyzzyx · 27/10/2022 12:22

Jumperoo type thing
Baby musical instrument set
Stacking cups
Large magnetic blocks which double as teethers ( can't remember what they're called)
Tummy time mat
Tummy time soft tube cushion type thing
Giggling teddy
Money box
Bath books
Bath crayons
Board books

PinkPlantCase · 27/10/2022 12:29

Our DS loved his Door bouncer at that age! He also started to be more interested in books around then I don’t think it was too long after that he’d try to open them/turn pages.

Also anything weaning related.

Anything to help learn some sign language too!

Moonshine160 · 27/10/2022 20:01

A little bubble machine.

SKBog · 28/10/2022 14:51

Hide and Squeek eggs apparently are GENIUS. I've grabbed some for my LG who will be 6 months in December. If you take a look at similar posts on Mumsnet, a load of mums have HIGHLY recommended Hide and Squeek eggs. They're only £8 on Amazon so can't go wrong!

RedHerring24 · 28/10/2022 15:11

The Vtech crawl and learn ball was fab. If you have hard floors then it does roll, but doesnt budge on carpet. DD still loves hers now and shes 11 months.

Weaning stuff including alot of bibs.

Books. Board books are great.
Aldi have the Gruffalo and accompanying books in board version for £2.99 each which is brilliant for when theyre a bit older.

Circle of neglect (jumparoo). DD loved it and it allowed me to drink a hot tea.

A tuff tray for messy play. This is great for in and outdoor use.

Bath toys. By 6months DD was just sitting in the bath unaided so loved any toys she could get her teeth into. Literally.
Get a good bath mat too.

A push along walker for when baby is more mobile.

LouiseGMumsnet · 14/11/2022 17:55

Hi @trrk Thanks for posting. I just wanted to pop in and share the link to our article on the best baby toys for 6-12 months. You might find it useful when Christmas shopping for your daughter. Our guide was created with the help of recommendations from Mumsnet users and researching consumer reviews. Do let us know if you found the page helpful.

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