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Needanewadventure2021 · 22/09/2022 22:59


Has anyone been involved with Early Help and can you tell me the process?

I'll keep this brief, I self referred to EH due to my relationship with old school being extremely strained. Constant parent blaming, dismissive attitude, dismissive of child's needs. Finger was constantly point at me and my parenting and alleged poor boundaries. Things ended up in a serious complaint and I self referred to EH to prove that I am not the problem here. Sadly my complaint resulted in the most horrendous few weeks of my life when the most malicious allegations were made against me. All were found to be false and as I expected there were absolutely no concerns whatsoever with me or my parenting abilities or relationship with my child, so we are being signed off but I haven't heard from our social worker in 2 weeks.

Does anyone know what happens when you get signed off? Is there a report or letter of their findings or do you literally just end all communication without being told? She did say that I never needed their help and I never met the thresholds but totally understood why she needed to be involved. It all ended really positive but I don't know where I stand in terms of things concluding?

I suppose because I've suffered grief and blame for so long It would be comforting to have something in writing with her own opinions of me a be able to show the likes of CAMHS (who were only interested in schools comments) that I've worked with a very senior SW and she never had a single concern against me. But I also understand a signing off report may not be the case.

Just wondered others experiences?


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