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Mountain buggy duet or baby jogger city tour

Mrsstarinthesky · 22/09/2022 14:33

Hi All

Have a newborn and a rather large 2 year old. Need a double buggy. Have settled on either the city mini tour or the mountain buggy duet as want something that will fit through doors.

Downside is city tour says max is 15 kg and my 2 year old is that already. But wondering if this is something you need to pay that much attention too. Online research says the seat is just as wide as the duet and deeper.

Does anyone have experience with both or one and could recommend?

Thank you!


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Username1234321 · 22/09/2022 19:46

I have an out b about nipper double, fits through all doors and a really good pushchair. I had the mountain buggy duet but didn't like it so got the out n about instead.

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